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The Thinking Tree Spotlight Review (Horse Lovers Handbook)

This weeks Thinking Tree Spotlight Review is a bit different then all the rest because it's all about horses!!!
Horse Lovers Handbook by The Thinking Tree
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All About Horses Homeschooling Journal is a six week study. It's suggested your child complete about 10 pages a day. This Horse Lovers Handbook generally takes about 3-4 hours a day. The recommended age is 8-14.

All you need to add is math and lots of library books on horses! This journal has lots of neat pages that will help your child have fun while learning about horses.
All About Horses Journal - Thinking Tree
Each set of pages starts with Circle the Date and Start Your Day pages. The Start Your Day page has space for a favorite verse or quote and a To-Do List.

Your child will also complete:

  • Learn to Draw Horses page: There are two types - one is a two page spread where your child will look a drawing of a horse, trace the drawing, draw the missing parts, and then draw it without "helps". The other is also a two page spread with the one on the left has a complete drawing and the child is to study it. On the opposite page the child fills in the missing parts.
  • Reading Time: Your child will choose two books to read on horses for 30 minutes each. After reading one of the books for 30 minutes they are to copy or draw pictures from the book.
  • Spelling Time: This is a fun way to learn how to spell. Using their books your child will hunt for 20 words with a certain amount of letters.
  • Hopes, Dreams, and Ideas; is a page where they can write about what's important to them or what they are interested in.
  • Use Your Color Pencils: a horse coloring page!
  • Practice Drawing Horses: this page is a place to draw horses either freehand or copy one from your books. This would also be great for drawing things related to horses.
  • Watch a Documentary or Movie About Horses; these pages are always fun. Your child will rate what they watched, tell the whole story in one sentence, and draw a favorite scene.
  • Nature Study: Time to go outside and draw something in nature. A tree, flower, bugs, birds, or horses!
  • Draw a Meal Plan: be creative by having your child draw what horses eat. He can write about what horses eat on this page too.
  • Copywork: space to copy a paragraph from one of his books.
  • Write a Story About This Picture; creative writing!
  • Fun with Letters: fun letters to color. This is a great way to just relax and de-stress from their busy school day.
  • Listening Time: a time for your child to listen to an audio book or some classical music and draw.
Not all pages are completed in one day.
Horse Lovers Handbook by The Thinking Tree
This is another beautiful journal created by Sarah Janisse Brwon - owner of The Thinking Tree.
Horse Lovers Handbook by The Thinking Tree
I love the Spelling Time pages. I think it's a great way to get children learning how to spell. I personally love the spelling pages.
Horse Lovers Handbook by The Thinking Tree
You can even pair these up with some of the other Thinking Tree books.
Horse Lovers Handbook by The Thinking Tree
And as always with these spectacular journals, they are written in the dyslexic font. 
The Thinking Tree Horse Lovers Handbook
If your looking for a fun way to homeschool you might want to check out all of The Thinking Tree journals.

Here are a few pages from the Learn to Draw Pages.
The Thinking Tree Horse Lovers Handbook
Most of the Learn to Draw Pages are as below.
The Thinking Tree Horse Lovers Handbook

The Thinking Tree Horse Lovers Handbook

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  1. My daughter would LOVE this! She is obsessed with horses!!! I haven't seen this yet.

    1. It really is a neat journal. I was thinking of maybe having Ethan use it once a week for science.