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The Thinking Tree Thursday Spotlight Review (Asperger's Syndrome Journal)

This weeks Spotlight is the Asperger's Syndrome Journal. This one is near and dear to my heart because Lance shows some signs of Asperger's. The recommended grade level for this journal is 2nd-8th grade. The child should be able to read at least at a 2nd grade level.
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If you are using this journal five days a week it will last six weeks. As with the other journals, you'll have your child pick up to 8 books which the child will use to complete the journal pages.

Journal pages include:

  • Reading Time - use library books to complete these pages. The child can draw or write what he's learned from his book.
  • Spelling Time - use their books and go on a word hunt.
  • Screen Time - watch a YouTube Tutorial, documentary, or educational program and complete the page.
  • Math Practice -  practice math problems or design something.
  • World News Today (current events) - talk with your child about current events and fill in the page.
  • Copywork -  copy a paragraph from one of their books! 
  • Thinking Time - complete fun logic puzzles.
  • Letter Doodles - practice using their colored pencils and draw amazing letters!
  • Start Your Day! - the child will copy a verse or quote, their plans, and a short To-Do List
  • Object Lessons - your child will look at a picture and write four things they observe about it.
  • Facial Expression pages - study different face expressions and circle the ones that match your child's mood for that day.
  • Nature Study -  draw a realistic picture of something they see in nature.
  • Eye Contact - Coloring Pages (NEW) - your child will study eyes and color them.
  • Draw a Meal Plan -  the student draws what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You can get creative with this page and have them draw what a lama would eat or if studying WWII what did the soldiers meal plan look like.
  • Bonus Pages! Inventor's Math Games - these are taken from the first chapter of Are You a Math Genius? math book.
As you can see, your child will be learning in so many different ways! And as always, everything is written in the dyslexic font. The words have a heavy bottom which helps them from "moving" on the page and/or the child knows which part of the letter is down.This is very important when a child sees a b, d, or p, because to them they are the same.
(Photo courtesy of DyslexiaGames.com)
Sarah added some neat therapy pages. Asperger's sometimes have a hard time with eye contact and one way to describe why it's hard is because the eyes are the windows to the soul. There so much emotion in a person's eyes that people with Asperger's and autism don't know how to handle that kind of depth of emotion. It becomes overwhelming and they have to look away.

With Lance, he will look at me but it's scary to him. In his own words, "It's freaky", I thought that was sad when he told me that. My baby looks into my eyes and it's freaky to him.

The therapy that Sarah added to The Asperger's Syndrome Journal is Eye Contact - Coloring Therapy pages. What Sarah the Author has discovered from her own experience (she has Asperger's Syndrome) is learning to make eye contact is huge with helping other Aspie social skills.

One way she did this was by studying the faces in magazines. She became fascinated with the eyes and obsessed with drawing them. In time it wasn't so "freaky" anymore.

The Asperger's Syndrome Journal has your child color the eyes of animals and people. Starting with Animals like a Lama, a cute cow, or Cheeta. I think this is a gentle way for an Aspie child to study eyes.
Asperger's Syndrome Journal from The Thinking Tree
Eventually your child will study the eyes of other people.
Asperger's Syndrome Journal from The Thinking Tree
As they study the eyes they are asked, "What color should my eyes be?".
Asperger's Syndrome Journal from The Thinking Tree
With that one little question of asking what color are the eyes, the child is "looking" at the eyes and I would think it's less overwhelming for them because it's a picture.
Asperger's Syndrome Journal from The Thinking Tree
The child will also study facial expressions through the use of art. These are called mood pages. There are several different pages. One like pictured above is to have your child circle the facial expression that best depicts their mood but there is also another page with lots of facial expressions and your child can study them.
Aspies are also interested in objects. This journal includes Object Lesson pages.

The Object Lessons pages along with  the Eye Contact pages is what sets the Asperger's Syndrome journal apart from the others. Everyday (if using daily) your child will study a picture of an object. Some objects are familiar . . .
The Asperger's Syndrome Journal by The Thinking Tree
and some are pretty interesting!
The Asperger's Syndrome Journal by The Thinking Tree
And as if the Eye Contact - Coloring Therapy pages weren't enough to make this journal amazing, Sarah added some Are You a Math Genius pages!
The Asperger's Syndrome Journal by The Thinking Tree
I'm really, really, really, looking forward to using this with Lance.

How we've been using the our journals: When we first started using The Thinking Tree Journals I had the kids choose 6-9 books. I helped choose four and the kids chose another four but 8 books was a bit overwhelming. Now we've cut back to 4 books. Four has worked out much better for us.

You can use The Thinking Tree journals daily, once a week (maybe as Fun Friday), or have them on hand for rainy days, although with this journal, I'd recommend using it daily because of the specialness of it with having the therapy pages.

The journals are super flexible so if 8 books work fine, perfect, no need to change that. To read more of how we've been using The Thinking Tree journals, click here, enjoy!

I have also organized many of the journals HERE. You can purchase this journal through Amazon or directly from The Thinking Tree for a pdf version!


  1. Linda,

    Thank you so much for this review. This journal is more than I expected which makes my heart smile. My son is on the spectrum. I don't think he has Aspergers, but he has many of the same issues that aspies have that are common to most children on the spectrum. This journal is perfect. I' glad I can purchase it with confidence.

    1. Thank you Rhonda for your kind words. I'm so glad my review was able to help you get a better idea of what sets this book apart from some of the others.


  2. What a great and thorough review. This journal looks amazing for kids with Aspergers. Thank you for hosting this link up. It's great to find new blogs who use these wonderful journals!

  3. Sarah just today is making this journal available in PDF so if you prefer that format you can purchase it here: http://www.dyslexiagames.com/#!product/prd12/4447224921/asperger's-syndrome-homeschooling-method---journal

    It will be available on Amazon again soon. Sarah, is doing some behind the scenes stuff. Sorry for the inconvenience. I'll add this to my post soon but wanted to let you all know ASAP :)

    1. I ordered several journals using your affiliate link this evening. I ordered the Asperger's Journal as a PDF because I couldn't wait and I figured even though I only have one child, I could reprint and use some of the pages again at some point. I can't wait to get my download. Thank you again for your reviews. They really helped me make my decisions about the products.

    2. Thank you Rhonda, it's very kind of you to use my aff. link. And I totally understand about not being able to wait. You've been so patient waiting this long :)

      I can't wait to get started with this journal as well. We were suppose to start today but something came up and the rest of the week we'll have family visiting so, it looks like we are waiting another week!

  4. My heart was tugged at Lance's comment with eye contact. I can imagine the difficulty and will be praying. So glad that you are finding creative ways to help him.

    I've linked up with you, but not sure if it fits what you are wanting. Feel free to delete if not matching up with this :)

    1. Thank you for praying! And your post matches up perfectly. Thank you for liking up.