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Week 1 (2016)

Well, I don't think our official will start the 18th. This week was pretty slow going as well.

The Thinking Tree Journals
(This post may contain affiliate links.)
Brent started his Timeline of World History!!! I would have loved for him to add color and a little more drawing or writing in the blank boxes. I didn't say anything about that to him of course, don't want to discourage the guy. 
This week he read about Josiah Bartlett from For You They Signed by Master Books.

I would like Brent to read one signer a week and add information about him in his Timeline book. That's the plan anyway, so we'll see.

Brent also completed the first chapter from Are You a Math Genius and completed one lesson from Life of Fred. He didn't complete any lessons from Unlock Math this week, yikes.
Ethan completing a Reading Time page. He read from the illustrated Bible and filled in two squares.
He also read a Star Wars book and filled out a few pages.
We are slowly working through one of Home School in the Woods Activity Pak: The Old Testaments
And he  completed three pages of Dyslexia Games a day.
He completed 2 pages of Silly Animal Rhymes and 1 page of Word Hunt 2. With Teach Yourself to Draw he only completed one day. He was suppose to complete 1 page a day but if mama isn't checking his work, well . . .

Next week we will take the week off. I have family visiting from California.

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  1. Looks like a fun week! Love the drawing books - they are on my wish list! Thanks for linking up.


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