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When He Runs Off

My son Lance can become overwhelmed and frustrated very easily. If Joshua's Jars of Clay or Praise & Worship music is too loud Lance curls up in a ball on his chair.

If he doesn't understand something in his schoolwork like why is it that way he may run screaming. If he's asking a question but I don't understand what he's asking, the list goes on. Let me just say it's an adventure schooling him.

At first I use to get frustrated myself. My tone would not be so kind. I prayed and asked God to help me and of course being kind to Lance even when he's in a harry mood is what I felt the Lord say.

So when he would get in his "Lance" mood I'd sit calmly and try to explain things a different way. I'd rub his back as I spoke to him.

Now when he runs off I let him go. I have found that if I just give him some time and space he will come back as if nothing has happened.

Lately I've been finding him in my room.
This post may contain affiliate links.
With his school work! In this picture he was reading all the 100 Words in the front of his new spelling book that Sarah Janisse Brown sent (my next spotlight in review coming tomorrow).

When I peeked in on him he looked up and smiled at me then continued reading.


  1. ((hugs)) I think we as adults wish we could run off sometimes, too! They are so tender hearted and needed some slowing and quiet time.