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Brent's 8th Grade Literature and Writing Programs

I have been slowly adding in more subjects to Brent's homeschool schedule. This week I added Building Blocks to Life Science from Master Books. Next week I'll add Essential in Writing and Essentials in Literature!
This post may contain affiliate links.
I have been looking for a literature program that teaches using Dvds - this review came just in time!

It just arrived today so I'm excited to look through both programs and watch a few of the Dvds.
Essentials in Literature

What Brent will learn using Essentials in Literature this year.
Unit 1: Fiction
  • Fiction unit terms and explanation
  • 6 short stories (application)
  • 1 summative assessment
Unit 2: Nonfiction (short literary works)
  • Nonfiction unit terms and explanation
  • 5 nonfiction works (application)
  • 1 summative assessment
Unit 3: Novel
  • 1 Novel (literary analysis application)
  • 1 summative assessment
  • 1 major writing activity
Unit 4: Figurative Language/Poetry
  • Figurative language/poetry unit terms and explanation
  • 5 units of up to 8 literary works (application)
  • 1 summative assessment
Pretty impressive huh?
Essentials in Writing
With the writing course I'm going to have Brent start with the intense grammar review. Maybe we'll watch it together starting tomorrow. 

Next month Brent will start Life of Fred Language Arts Series.

That's the plan for Brent's Language Arts program. I'm linking up with Junior High Junction.
My Full Heart: Junior High Junction


  1. I feel like I am slowing adding things to Mikaela's schedule, too! :-) Thanks for linking up.

  2. Interesting looking program. Sometimes I think I need to add a specific writing program and then second guess myself. Must not be the right time. I'll be interested to see what you think of this program once you have gotten through a bit of it. - Lori

    1. My daughter has used the 7th grade and 10th grade EIW so hopefully this will be a good fit for Brent. I'm excited for him.

      I sure do know the feeling of second guessing though. I'll keep you all posted with how EIW & EIL work out.

  3. That looks like a pretty impressive program. I have been looking for a writing program for my girls.
    Feel free to link up with my blog over at

  4. We've used Essentials in Writing and we liked it, too. At some point I will most likely return back to it, but really wanted to get back to more read aloud time while my littles are still little.

    1. Annette used EIW for her 7th and 9th grade and she liked it. I'm hoping Brent will like it too. I love that it uses DVDs.