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Craziness at Homeschooling6

I haven't been blogging regularly because there's been a lot going on around here. Things that I'm not a liberty to write about on a world wide blog :) 

Earlier this week or was it last week, I can't remember. I found a site that had taken over 100 of my blog content. Photos and everything so I had to contact google and I'm pretty sure it's been taken care of because when I click on the link the site is gone. I do hope that it's totally gone from cyber-space.

This week I have some family coming over so it'll most likely be another quiet-blog week for me. The younger kiddos will continue with at least completing pages from their journals. Lance using the Asperger's or Eclectic journal and Ethan using the Winter journal along with a few other Thinking Tree books.
Me, I need to finish taking pictures for Sarah. I've been having fun photographing her beautiful journals.
Here's a rare picture of my eldest son Josh. I'm sad that this is his last year of homeschooling. It seems like yesterday we just started Kindergarten using Sonlight curriculum. 
 He a coffee drinker now. I love brewing him a cup of java.
He's finishing up a health course. In this picture he suppose to make an escape route in case of a fire or something.
 Completed escape route.
I thought his warning was funny.

He's also part of the Alert Cadet group. He's moving up in responsibility so we had a little ceremony. Josh had just got off work so he wasn't in uniform, Alert Cadet uniform.
Here's a picture with Lance, Caleb, and Ethan. Here's a picture of Brent.
Brent is not in uniform because he grew out of his. Ack, poor guy. The uniforms are expensive but we do need to get him one.
My favorite vitamin supplements. Although I might look for a different CoQ10 because the one in the picture has sunflower oil and I am not too sure about that oil yet. Still researching.

Here is Lance being his silly self.

Our table, yes we use The Thinking Tree, lol. 

 A page from Ethan's book the Four Seasons Spelling Time book.
 A page from Ethan's Bible Time Kids and below from Multiplication Games (all can be found on my Thinking Tree page).
Caleb working on a My Father's World reading assignment. My baby is in high school!!!
Caleb is using MFW High School their 9th Ancient Literature course.
 Annette completing her schoolwork.
And below is what Lance has been working on.
Lupe brought me home a Nothing Bunt Cake for Valentines Day.
Yes I ate it. I shared it with Brent.
I did a little Thinking Tree coloring in my Ember's Favorite Things coloring book that Sarah made for her three year old daughter. Mamas can enjoy it too!
Lance working in his journal.

 Both Ethan and Lance don't like me taking too many pics of them anymore.
Brent completed a week of Essentials in Writing and Essentials in Literature.
He will finish the Intense Grammar course in EIW and complete a few lessons in EIL, take a break while company is here and resume next Wednesday. So basically he'll take two weeks to complete one week.
A coloring page that Annette completed with her cousin from one of The Thinking Tree coloring books. You can read more about them here.
 Annette working around a Thinking Tree photo shoot.
This week and last week Ethan is only using The Thinking Tree and math because I've been busy with getting the house ready for company, taking pictures, writing reviews, and taking walks with my kiddos.
And that my friends is what Homeschooling6 has been up to.


  1. I've been praying for all that you are going through :) Wow, I'm so sorry to hear of your posts being duplicated. That is scary! How did you find out?

    Why is that when our children start joining us with coffee it's surreal at how fast they have grown up :)

    ((hugs)) dear friend! I've been missing you.

    1. Thank you for your prayers. They are much appreciated. I found out through a google search. I filled out some DMCR form and I'm so thankful that the site is gone. I hope it stays gone.
      I'm sure all the other post were stolen as well.

      Missing you too (((hugs))).


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