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Home School in the Woods: The Old Testament Activity-Pak Review

I have always been fascinated with lap books. I love all the folded little "books" and flaps. And it amazes me how much can be fit into a file folder.
The Old Testament Activity Pak Review by Homeschooling6
The kids and I have been working on The Old Testament Activity-Pak lap book from Home School in the Woods.

We received the download version of The Old Testament Activity-Pak. This  includes fifteen projects from the Days of Creation to the Major and Minor Prophets!
The Old Testament Activity Pak Review by Homeschooling6
To help you create a keepsake lap book there are full color photos of all the projects, how to assemble the lapbooks, and the instructions printed in black and white.

I'm a visual learner so having what each project should look like and the assembly of it all was a huge help. Sometimes I'd read the instructions but wasn't sure. I'd look at the color pictures that I printed and it helped me to visualize what it's suppose to look like and figure it out.

Before I go any further I would like to say that you might want to stock up on some double-sided tape. I went through at least two and that was for one lap book. A cheaper option would be to use glue but I don't like how it leaves a ripple effect look. Glue sticks are my second favorite because you don't see "ripples" but double sided tape is my number one way to attach the activities/booklets to the lap book and complete the projects.
The Old Testament Activity Pak Review by Homeschooling6
And an exacto knife is a must, well maybe not a must. You only need to use it a few times but it does make life easier when making lap books.

Of course you all know some file folders are needed (three for this one), some card stock, color paper is a must as well. You can use lots of white if your kiddos like coloring. My boys are not so much into coloring. One color of card stock and paper I wish I had more of was the browns and earth colors. I need to pick more for the New Testament Activity Pak!

Once you have all your supplies grab the kids and have fun!

Each of the 15 activities references the Bible story. For instance with Activity 7:Sodom & Gomorrah, you can read Genesis 18:16 - 19:29.
The Old Testament Activity Pak Review by Homeschooling6
You can also read the story from a Bible Reader for younger students. See Lot's wife in the back? To make the story really come alive you can add just a little bit of glue, just sort of smear a thin layer and sprinkle some salt as suggested in the instructions.
The Old Testament Activity Pak Review by Homeschooling6
Before (or after) completing the What's Cooking you'll read Daniel 3 to your kiddos or even listen to it on audio while coloring and cutting the pages for this activity.

There are some recipe cards in the What's Cooking. My favorite recipe is the "Old Testament Cake" it's made up of lots of scripture. We all can use a 1/2 cup of Psalm 55:2 and 1 cup of Isaiah 43:4 right?!?!
Turn the page of the red card stock and there's more!
The Old Testament Activity Pak Review by Homeschooling6
Also included 25 chosen Proverbs for your child to copy and illustrate. There are three versions.
The blank pages can be used for older children, dotted lines for the younger ones to trace, and the 3rd type is for those who would just like to draw and illustrate =)

Fun writing activities for your child to do by completing The Old Testament Tribune. Your child can get creative writing newspaper articles as a reporter and eye-witness!
There are nineteen in all. Once complete your child can make a scroll out of them to report just like a true reporter of that time, haha!

My kiddos are currently completing a dyslexia type therapy program which advises to limit writing while completing it, so we haven't done the writing portion of Activity-Pak. I do hope to come back when they are ready. It looks like a fun way to really dig deeper using this and get some cross-curricula writing done too!

As you can see The Old Testament Activity-Pak is full of fun learning and can be easily adapted to the younger child(ren). Mom will have to help a little more than with older kiddos. With younger children mom can always write as the child narrates what he or she is learning.

I will admit, even with my older kiddos I did a good amount of cutting and pasting myself but it was fun.

Home School in the Woods has a New Testament Activity-Pak too and with the elections coming up you might want to fast forward and use their U.S. Elections Lap-Pak.

To read about the Ancient Egypt Project Passport that the kids and I completed last year click HERE.


  1. I really love the final result of HITW (we've done a few), but I will admit to not caring too much for all the printing/cutting that is involved. This Old Testament is one we have not done and I love how your lapbook turned out.

    1. Thank you! I admit there is a LOT of printing, cutting, and pasting. I love the end result though, but yeah, it's a commitment.

      We are going to start the U.S. Elections Lap-Pak next.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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