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Slowly Adding More School to Our Days

I'm so excited to be adding  The Picture Smart Bible to our homeschooling days. I've had this for years. It's been on my mind to use The Picture Smart Bible with some of the boys but unfortunately I misplaced my disc. Well, thank the Lord a week ago I was moving some books around and out fell the disc!
The Picture Smart Bible
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
Yesterday I spent some time printing the manual and student pages. I hope to take them all to FedEx Office to be bound. I don't care for binders but if we have to I'll just 3-hole punch the pages. I plan to use this with Brent 8th, Ethan 7th, and Lance 5th.

This year we will work our way through the Old Testament. The disc includes the New Testament as well. Yay! The Picture Smart Bible website also has products for younger kids too but in the instructions for the 4th grade to adult it mentions that younger kids can use the masters and color so this one is adaptable.
This week I added Language Smarts Level D & E from The Critical Thinking Co. Level D for Lance and E for Ethan (haha E for Ethan). I'd have posted a picture but I couldn't get a good one. The covers are shiny and I kept getting a glare. 

I plan to use Language Smarts as review but also we haven't continued with our LA program this year so it will be a good thing to have them use this while continuing to use Dyslexia Games.

And lastly I'll add The Fight for Freedom to Ethan's school and possibly Lance. Not sure about Lance yet.
And that's a bit of what we are using along with The Thinking Tree journals.


  1. I'm glad you found your disc. I hope that you are blessed in teaching with it :)

    1. Thank you, me too. I need to stick with it. I think it will be fun to do and my kids are getting older so I need to do now :)


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