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The Thinking Tree School

Last week with Lance I kept it super simple with Lance.
The Thinking Tree School
This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
 I had him do copywork via 100 Easy Bible Verses, logic and language arts using Letter Challenge and 100 Word to Read, Write, Spell and Draw, and math using The Littlest Math book along with CTC Math.
100 Words to Read, Write, Spell, and Draw
 Last week he learned about the platypus. He drew its habitat.
The Littlest Math Book
From The Littlest Math Book. These pages were just plain fun. I know Lance can skip count but sometimes you just need fun in your day. I'm excited for him with using this book because it's so much more than what it appears to be because of logic, art, and fun. I wrote a bit about it HERE.

This week I'll add his Asperger's Journal back in. We just had a fun time last week. Lance even learned how to make a simple bread that you cook on the stove. I didn't even get pictures of him making it and how it came out =(


  1. I ordered the Littlest Math Book for my Mercie. It is so cute!! I'm hoping to start using our Thinking Tree Journals a lot more.

    1. Oooh, can't wait to read about it. Sorry I haven't been linking up. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon. Been a bit busy. You have been doing wonderful with your blog post. I know I haven't been leaving comments but I have been visiting your blog. Wonderful TOS review! Way to go mama!!! =)


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