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The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-UP (Helpful Links)

I have been really enjoying hosting The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-Up! This week I thought I'd share great places to learn more about The Thinking Tree Journals and Dyslexia Games.
Helpful Thinking Tree Links
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
Here on my blog I have a page where you can find most of The Thinking Tree Journals. I put it together because I got tired with having to search for a specific journal. I had to keep clicking through Amazon to find them. Now I've memorized most of them but it's still a lot quicker for me to use the page I made of all the journals.

I also have a pinterest board where I pin my Thinking Tree post. There are some blog post that I still need to find and add to my Thinking Tree board. It's a work in progress.
(Make sure you hit The Thinking Tree to get to that specific board. If you hit Homeschooling6 Hearts you'll go to my main Pinterest page.)

                              Follow Homeschooling6's board The Thinking Tree on Pinterest.
If you are interested in the Mommy Journals or Handbooks then please read my blog post: Choosing a Mommy Journal. I'll be writing about the newest Mom's Fun-Schooling Handbook soon as well.
Choosing a Mommy Journal
The Thinking Tree has a fun way to teach kids how to read, write, spell, and draw. You can read about the different spelling books. I haven't written a review about Bible Time Vocabulary but will soon.

The Thinking Tree has some Super Cute Journals for your little ones as well. They are so adorable.
Recently Sarah created a 10 Subject Portfolio and 12 Subject Portfolio.
DIY books are great for all ages. Your child can make their very own book.
The Thinking Tree also has coloring books for adults, children, sibling, and friends.
You can also search this blog to find post about how we are using the Thinking Tree with Brent 8th, Ethan 7th, and Lance 5th grade.
Can you tell we LOVE The Thinking Tree journals =)

Sarah has lots of chances for you to win books. You can visit her Facebook page to enter giveaways!

To download samples and purchase some of the individual Dyslexia Games books in pdf format you an visit Teachers Pay Teachers. Not all Dyslexia Games books are available but it's a good place to get a feel for them and try them out before buying.

I found that CurrClick has Dyslexia Games Series A and Series B for a good price.

Teach Yourself to Draw in pdf format.

Some of the journals you can purchase directly from Dyslexia Games in Print at Home format. 

Get to know Sarah via her blog: Still Smiling.

If you are interested in chatting with others who are using The Thinking Tree you can join a Fun-Schooling with Thinking Tree  Facebook group for mamas only (no men or teens).

My friend Megan at My Full Heart has some pretty awesome reviews and post with how they use The Thinking Tree.

One Thinking Tree mama has a website where she post video reviews!

I also have a Thinking Tree Blog Roll.

And a Link-Up!

Do you have a Thinking Tree post? If so please grab my button, add it to your TTT post, come back and sign the linky below.


  1. I just started following your Thinking Tree Pinterest board last week!

  2. Thanks for the shout out. I should make a separate page with my TT posts. I cannot wait to receive my new journals and books!! Stalking the mailman...

    1. You're welcome. I just used the search to find all your TT post. Easy-peasy ;)

    2. I went back through and added Thinking Tree labels to some of my earlier ones, when I wasn't using labels yet. So now, there are more when you click through them.

    3. Super thanks. I have some too that I need to find and label.

  3. I need to use my journals more. They get pushed aside with the "busy" and I need to get back to slowing again. The past two weeks have been especially crazy with my attempt to go back up the mountain. I'm treasuring every moment but it's been a LOT of work in the process. I've got nearly a year's worth of dust and piles that have just been sitting here waiting for my help.

    1. Praying for you (((hugs))) I'm so happy you are home!!!

  4. Can I ask how you use the journals with Notgrass? We are just starting to use America the Beautiful this year with my 4th grader and I don't want to not use it, but am not sure how I would incorporate our science and history into these journals? Thanks so much! Leslie