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Today I started Ethan back with using All Things Fun and Fascinating. He completed a rough draft. 
Last week Brent, Ethan, Lance, and I completed a few pieces of our U.S. Elections lapbook.
We are suppose to be a bit further along. We had family over last week and the week before. Praying we'll get more done this week.
Today we read about The American Experiment and completed another piece. All three boys are making their own lapbook.

We also started the (aff) Picture Smart Bible. I really, really, really, want to continue with this so praying that if I post it here it will help with me being accountable to you all to finish the Picture Smart Bible.
Brent's, Ethan's, and Lance. 

Ethan's schoolwork.
Here he completed a page of Language Smarts by The Critical Thinking Co.

I used Ethan's Bible journal today (please excuse the not-so-good penmanship and one misspelled word).
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It was funny because my hubby called as I was writing about how thankful I am for him (thus the misspelled word, lol!).

I also started some pages from (aff) How to Homeschool.
 I'm not done with these pages yet. I'll come back later to add more color, write a quote, or copy a verse, and probably doodle how much I love my hubby =)
Joshua likes to school outside. This winter has been one of the warmest ones since we moved to Texas over 10 years ago. Usually it's freezing. 
 He is completing Spanish.
 Lance creating a LEGO scene.
And look what came in the mail! Some Lilla Rose (see sidebar for link) clips. They look so much nicer in real life. 
These are two that I've been wanting. I had to place an order for a friend so I thought I'd snag a few for myself.

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  1. Gorgeous clips!!

    Looks like y'all have been busy, busy!


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