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6 Week Teach by Example Fun-Schooling Challenge for Moms!

Yesterday I blogged how I've been wanting to use a Thinking Tree journal right along with my kids and I did it for a day and really enjoyed it. I plan to teach by example and do a 6 week challenge and would love for you all to join me.
The challenge won't start for another week so if you need to get a journal there's still time (I think if you order today). The Thinking Tree has some journals that can be downloaded if needed and you can also order a sample pack for $5.99. Or just jump in when your journal arrives.

For those who don't use The The Thinking Tree that's fine too. Just pick up some of your kiddos books or books that you want to study (history, science,etc.) and join them in a subject or two! It will still be fun to do school right along with your dear ones. What child doesn't love to have  mom along for the ride? Can you imagine what an encouragement it will be for our children to have mom sit right along side them completing school work too.

I chose books that some of my children will use or have used or I bought because I had good intentions to use it in our homeschool, and some books are what I'm interested in.

Suggestions to get started:

1. Pick a student journal if you are using The Thinking Tree
2. Grab at least one or two books that are similar to what your children are using. For example a history book or science book. It doesn't have to be exactly what they are using. You want them to see that mom is doing what they are. If you aren't as textbooky that's fine use the method that YOUR family uses.
If you notebook then notebook with them. Whatever books you use for this challenge -whether your kid's books or your own, the goal is to show our kids the Joy & LOVE of learning, support them, show we understand it's hard sometimes, and just be there for our children. This is a great way for to bond with our children. They grow up so fast. 
3. Journal about it and share it. I'll post a linky every Monday.
4. Have fun!
If you can't sit with your child or near your child to do your mom school, that's fine. Complete some school during nap or bed time. When your children wakes up get excited and show them your work, "Hey, Lance, look what I completed while you were sleeping!".

Why use a student journal over a mommy journal for the 6 Week Challenge? There's just something about our children seeing us use what they use. This is why I suggest using a similar type of "school" books that your child uses. If your homeschool uses textbook, grab a textbook. If your method of homeschooling is through journaling or notebooking, mom should do the same.

I'm using a few schoolish books but am also adding in some hymn and things that I want to learn as well.

Use words like "mom" and "school". My kids think it's so funny when I say, "I'm off to do my school" or "I completed school" or "I wasn't homeschooled so I'm homeschooling myself!" (my kids love that last one.

I also show them my work, "Look at my spelling page" or " This is what I read and wrote on my Reading Time page".

If you don't use The Thinking Tree journals, again, don't let that stop you from joining the challenge.
I can't wait to read about your days with your kids.

Pray. Ask God to bless and make this time with your children really special. Ask Him to teach you, show you what your kids need from you. Pray that your children will always remember the time mom spent with them using their books (or similar type books).

Mom school from today.
I even goofed on my copywork, embarrassing! Kids need to know that we make mistakes too and that mom needs to pay more attention next time.

Hehe, my Film Study was watching Murder She Wrote with Annette. Next time I'll do better (wink). I think I'll watch something on essential oils or herbs.
My not so Illustrated To-Do List and Spelling Time page.

I can't wait to peek inside your "Mom School" days!

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