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Coffee Time and Sweet Friends

Today the weather is beautiful outside. I have the windows open with a wonderful breeze coming in. I love these days. Perfect for blogging!
I usually brew a cup of java before sitting down to write. I was remembering a friend and saying a little prayer as I picked out my mug for today's java time.

This mug is super special to me because it's my friendship mug. You see, a few summers ago I was able to visit a long time bloggy friend. We met over the fence in the blog world. Way back when we both had our blogs hosted at HomeschoolBloggers. TOS Magazine was the provider.
My family got to meet her family. The kids played games. Even my friend's hubby played with the kids.
Her daughters were so sweet. I was bummed that Lance had a tummy ache that day. I think it was the long car ride.
Her home was so welcoming. It felt like I was stopping at a familiar house, like old friends even though this was the first time we met.
This mama friend of mine is beautiful inside and out. How she writes on her blog is truly who she is. She loves Jesus, her family, and friends. 
I'm sad that I didn't get too many pictures of our families together. Below are three of her lovely girls.
My family: Joshua, Lance, Annette, Caleb, Lupe.
The kiddos enjoyed some horse back riding.
Ethan riding. I missed some of the kids riding because my friend and I were inside chatting.
Annette's turn.
Lance was really excited.
Before we left we took family pictures!
It was so hard to leave knowing I wouldn't get to visit again for a few years. I'd really love to spend time with my special friend, like go out for coffee/tea, meet an an antique store to window shop, etc.
We did go out for a cup of coffee.
And we picked out two mugs exactly alike to remember our special day. So now when I use my special friendship mug I think of her and say a little prayer.


  1. I was looking through this post and thinking that that lady sure looks familiar and then I saw what blog you linked to - I read her blog too! :) So neat you got to meet, thanks for sharing!

    1. You're welcome. She really is a neat lady. I'm so thankful that we've kept in touch all these blogging years. I think it's over 10 years now.

  2. ::teary eyed:: This brought back such precious memories of our time together! I wish I had my friendship mug with me right now (I have it at the apartment). God has amazingly blessed me with almost 3 weeks at our mountain home. Looking through this post and remembering our time spent together is truly how I've felt at being able to come back home.

    I want to make this happen again :) Face to face, coffee time, and turning virtual hugs into real ones.

    1. Me too. We need to meet up again and soon. You and your family are so precious and sweet.

      I'm so thankful you've been home for three weeks. Praise Jesus!