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From Adam to Us

I'm excited to announce that Homeschooling6 will be reviewing From Adam to Us!!! We will start using this awesome history program on Monday.
From Adam to Us by Notgrass
I plan to use this with the three younger kiddos. I thought I could do the reading and the kiddos can complete the map and timeline work together.
From Adam to Us by Notgrass
Look at all the neat books it comes with: Map work, timeline book, and a student workbook. The review items had everything I'd need for one student so I purchased extra workbooks.
I'm excited to have my kids do some map and timeline work. Every year I try to get these two subjects in on my own but fail miserably. I'm the kind of homeschooling mom that needs it scheduled out for me. Notgrass does a beautiful job of that. And what I really love is there is no separate teacher schedule because it's all in the colorful textbooks. 

When I opened my box of Notgrass goodies, look what I found waiting for me. I thought it was really sweet!
I got to see Mrs. Notgrass at the South Carolina Convention but am sad to say I didn't get to actually meet and talk to her. She was always busy chatting with a mama when I'd visit their booth. Maybe next time. What an encouragement she is to homeschooling moms!

The kids will continue working on their lapbooks from Home School in the Woods as well. We are having a great time learning about the elections and such perfect timing too. Below are just some of the fun things we've created while learning about the U.S. Elections.
I think next week we will start putting the lapbook together. 

And look what else arrived at Homeschooling6 (not a review item). Essentials in Writing Level 6 the 2nd edition!
From what I understand is Essentials in Writing is updating their courses. So now there is a Teacher Handbook and Resource Booklet. I think they are wanting to make their program a more complete Language Arts program. 

I haven't looked at everything yet but I believe there is a little more grammar. I'll share more later but will mention that the little cartoon of Mathew is a cute touch! 


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    1. Thanks, I am excited to start this with the boys.

  2. This looks interesting. I had my oldest daughter using Notgrass this year.