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From Adam to Us

This week we started From Adam to Us a one year history program from Notgrass. I'm liking it already. I love when a history program is Christ centered. Many of the text I read aloud today came from the Word.
From Adam to Us
Their assignment for today was to write a paragraph of who God is. Totally love that! I can't wait to read what the boys wrote too.

Or read aloud right now is a book I picked up at the convention from the Veritas Press booth: The Escape by A. Jagt.

Other than history, not much is getting done, not even my #momschool but because I'm having so much fun momschooling I think I'll get a few pages done later today. The reason why not much schooling is happening is we had a dentist appointment this morning. We didn't get out until past 11:00 A.M. we then had lunch, um, at McDonalds. When we got I home I was tuckered, so Annette and I watched a Murder She Wrote.

After watching our mother/daughter show I brewed myself a cup of coffee, read The Escape, then a lesson from Adam to Us and here I am now, typing on the computer writing about our day. Speaking of the computer, part of my Teach by Example Challenge was to also have less computer time. I'm so thankful to the Lord that I've been doing just that! My kids are much more important than Facebook, reviewing, and blogging. I love reviewing and blogging but not at the expense of my kiddos.

And speaking of tired. I really need to order my aff Desiccated Liver pills. They really help keep my energy levels up.

Right now I need to clear the table off and get some of my #MomSchool done. I think I'll use from Adam to Us to complete some of my Winter Girls Journal pages.

Oh, and I almost forgot to write that two of my kids had a cavity, yikes! We were doing so well too. And I always took pride in that my kids didn't have cavities. Oh well, it could have been worse.

As my kids will say, "That is all", funny little blessings!

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  1. I'm glad that you are liking this book. It looks like it has beautiful color pictures, too.


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