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Fun-Schooling for Boys: Winter Homeschooling Journal (Review)

Fun-Schooling for Boys - Winter Homeschooling Journal Delight Directed Learning Handbook is yet another, shall I say, "delightful" journal by The Thinking Tree!
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure.
You can read about the Autumn, Winter Girls, and Spring Boys journals, all part of the Fun-Schooling seasonal series. There is also a Summer and Spring Girls journals as well and hopefully soon 

Winter Boys Journal is for ages 9-17 and works best if your son can read at a 3rd grade level. This is a secular journal. You can have your son use a Bible as part of the his daily reading if you like. My boys are in AWANA so they do their Bible separately.

It's suggested that your child complete around five pages a day - 20 pages a month. If using the journal daily it will last for 60 days of delight directed (with a little bit of structure) learning. Your son can check out books that he is interested in from the library to complete the pages in the Winter Boys Journal. This journal gives about 2 hours worth of schooling!

Why such a broad age range for this journal? Your child will check out books according to his reading and comprehension level making it at his grade level. If your child is older, require more from him: complete sentences, neater work, and more details.

Let me take you on a walk of what your son will do this week (if using the Winter Boys journal):

Day 1
I love the journals that have the Circle Today's Date because it helps guide my kiddos where to start and when to stop. Some journals like the Active Boys Journal don't have these pages. This is to give you more freedom. Some moms and kids might prefer to pick and choose their pages out of order or just want to use a few pages a day. Other mamas like me LOVE the structure of "date" pages. And they are always fun to write other things like what is the weather like or a verse/quote.

Some boys enjoy coloring (unfortunately mine don't). Coloring is very relaxing but if you kiddo doesn't like to color, encourage him to write a verse that he's memorizing or a quote. This is what I plan to do with my boys when they get to this journal.
 The Nature Study page gives your little or big guy a chance to go outside and get some fresh air. If it's too hot or cold have then use their books. Find something in nature like the rings in a tree or draw different leaves, birds, mammals, etc. Are you studying the trees that grow in your area? Then have him draw and label one in his journal. Get creative!

Same with the Draw a Meal Plan. It doesn't have to be your meal plan. It can be Benjamin Franklin's or the Vikings meal plan.

Have your son draw his favorite meal plan. If he was in charge of the meals for a day what would you all eat?
Reading Time has your child pick four books from his stack. Set the time for 15 minutes, read, then write or draw what he read. If your child is older you can have him summarize what he read in one to two complete sentences or have him write as much detail as he could fit in the box. A younger child can draw or write a sentence or two. He can also write word that he thinks were key (key words).

Learning a Skill, how fun! Write your goals, notes, and what your son is learning: woodworking, gardening, fixing a car, etc.
 The last page for Day 1 is a coloring page. He can even write about the picture.

Day 2
 An Illustrated To-Do List. If he doesn't like drawing have him write what he needs to get done today or for the week. Put a little box so he can check-mark it when he's done.

Spelling Time page, one of my favorites (yes, I've done this page myself!). Your son can find words using his books or if he needs to get up and move, he can look around the house too!
Film Study is always a favorite. It can be a documentary, tutorial, video on animals, or whatever you all are learning about. How fun and a great way to take a break from the schoolbooks!

Copywork page, I love having my kids do copywork.
 Having your son write and draw something that really happened is always fun. It's like getting a peek inside their world. The next page you can have them circle which dessert they like best and throw some words on there as to why or just let them be creative. It doesn't have to be a coloring page.

Day 3
My Thinking Page is a good way to get your son to write down his goals. My hubby and I think having goals is so important! And being thankful too, having a checklist of what needs to be done is a good ideas as well, and ideas, have your child write their ideas down.
 Reading Time ends the pages for Day 3!
 Day 4

 Day 5

 The owl page is also in the Winter Girls Journal that I am using for my Mom School. Here is how I completed the page (I still have to color it).
Below are some random pages from the Winter Boys Journal.

Also included are a few (literally a handful) recipe pages where you child can copy a favorite recipe of theirs or copy a recipe from an old cookbook (what did Laura Ingalls cook and eat). And Listening Time pages, again just a handful. These are pages where your child can listen to an audio book or classical music while writing, drawing, or doodling on the next page which is blank.

Disclaimer: Just a review because I love The Thinking Tree books. I purchased this one myself for my boys to use in the future!

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