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Mom School Monday - Teach by Example Challenge (Week 2)

My second week of Teach by Example challenge went well. I am using the Winter journal still. I love my mom handbooks but with this challenge I really wanted my kids to see mom using what they use. I think it will convey the "Wow, mom is using our books!" factor.
If you are joining the Teach by Example challenge and using The Thinking Tree you don't have to use a student journal. A mom book will work. You don't have to be a Thinking Tree mama to join in the fun either. Just grab some of your kids books and join them. 
As I work through my journal I like to add quotes, hymns, verses, and/or what's on my mind. Sometimes I even put what the weather is like. I do this because my journal is a keepsake. I want my children to see that I care about my mom school!
As you all know I don't draw so I write my Illustrated To Do List. Friday I was in a joyous - singing mood, so instead of listening to music I sang hymns and colored the page. I added some lyrics of prayer to Jesus! 
 Some quotes from the Peanut gang and my spelling words came from the book: The Wise Women.
At the time I took these pictures I hadn't completed my Film Study. Math Practice with another page from The Thinking Tree's Are You a Math Genius? which is one of my FAVORITE books from the Thinking Tree!
I absolutely LOVE Dyslexia Games so I copy them into my journal on the Sketch a Picture page.
You can see pictures of Tuesday and Wednesday HERE.

I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge and plan to continue until I complete the Winter journal. When done I just might start another one!

This challenge has been good for me. Not only am I showing the kids that I believe their school is important but it's branched out beyond school. I am on the computer less and I'm loving my chores again. I'm also singing more. I use to sing a lot (even though my voice isn't that great) but lately I've found myself not singing and I think it's sad not to sing. Especially when it's praises to Jesus.

Here is my daughter Annette.
I find that my kids navigate to where I'm doing my mom school. 

When I'm in the kitchen, it's usually Ethan who will come and sit down next to me with his school. I love that. I love having my kids sit with me. 

When I'm doing my mom school I am slowing down. I'm not rushing from here to there or checking Facebook and wasting my time on the computer. Precious time that can be spent with my little hearts.

And the kids LOVE seeing me do my mom school. It's fun. So if you haven't joined the challenge, what are you waiting for. There's still 4 weeks left.

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