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Mom School Teach by Example Challenge (Day 4)

Yesterday I completed four days of my mom school and it's been fun. One day took me longer than usual. I think it was Wednesday but I finished.

Here's my stack of books.
Yesterday was an "easy" day because there wasn't a Reading Time page. Those pages take me a good hour and a half. Wednesday my mom school took me about three hours to finish because I did a lot of writing that day. I completed the Reading Time page which has you read a book for 15 minutes then write, copy, or draw something from the book. I also wrote a recipe down (Low-Carb Pancakes), had to write and draw something that really happened , Draw a Meal Plan but I wrote my meal plan, and the coloring page had space for writing or drawing something so I copied a children's song in there.
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal
Wednesday Work
As you can see I also colored the page so yeah, Wednesday took me three hours to complete but it was fun.

Thursday's work!
Teach by Example Mom School Challenge
On the Circle Today's Date page I like to add extras like Hey, It's a Good Day. Joshua learned that in Sunday School at Stonebriar's Church when he was in the 3rd or 4th grade. That was back when I had lots of littles and some days could get pretty hectic. Well Josh would say, "Hey, it's a good day!" to encourage me.

The Illustrated to do list, well, I can't draw beyond stick figures so I write my list of things I need to get done.
I found spelling words in my science book and my Learning Skill, I continued reading the herbal book. Yesterday the topic was on Vitamin D.
For Math Practice I completed a Are You a Math Genius (aff) page. My book is actually coming Monday so I borrowed Brent's.

Copywork was from Passion Hymns. I love how that hymn sticks in my mind throughout the day. I continue singing it throughout the day. I also love that I am including hymns in my book so I can find them easily when I want to sing one.
Sketch a Picture, I pulled one of the Dyslexia Games book out and copied it into my journal. I LOVE Dyslexia Games even Series A which is for ages 5-8!

When I first looked at the owl page I was not sure what to do. Maybe just color them. Then I saw the two love bird owls (not their official names, hehe) which reminded me of how much I love my hubby. Then I thought, I need to look up owls on google so I did. Then I thought, why don't I add facts about owl randomly on the page, so I did that too and I had fun!
I am also using the Bible Time Vocabulary book. Yesterday I barely got through coloring the words of half a verse. I was using gel pens and trying to stay in the lines. I wanted it to look really nice. I think next time I might use colored pencils.

And that's a day of mom schooling using The Thinking Tree books. Are you taking the 6 Week Teach by Example Challenge? Remember you don't have to use The Thinking Tree to Teach by Example. Just pull out some of your kid's books and do a page or two. When you are done get excited and show your child(ren) what you completed.


  1. Good job, Mom! Looks like you're learning quite a bit!

    1. Thank you, I'm having so much fun! Will you be joining us?

  2. This looks so fun. I just still a little confused after looking through some of the posts. Do the pages inside the journal tell you if you should be reading, spelling, and things like that? How did you choose what books you wanted to study and how many did you pick?

    1. Hi, Danyelle, yes, the page will say "Reading Time" or "Spelling Time" etc. The concept is for the child to pick books that they are interested. Mom can have the kids pick at least one book on history and science and the rest can be up to them.

      Or you can have your child use a current curriculum program. Your child picks between 6-9 books.