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Mom Schooling

Wednesday - I got all my mom school done before noon!!! That's a first. The pages were a bit on the easy side. I didn't have to read from my four books.
The blank page is one of the listening pages where you listen to an audio book or music while you doodle. Instead of doodling I colored a page and added lyrics to the page. That was yesterday though.
Little bit empty on the two pages above. I'm not sure what to do with the cat page. I might come back to it and add a dish of food and maybe some cat facts. I probably should have done that before calling it done.
As I was posting this I noticed that I forgot the letter l in herbal, I'll add that when I'm done writing my post, ack! I guess I was still waking up at 9:48, hehe. I was tired and took a nap at 10:30. Cuddled with Ethan for a while. Now I'm fine. I think I am missing my liver vitamins. I ran out a few weeks ago but haven't wanted to spend the $$$ to get more. I think I need to do that this week.
I completed one lesson from Are You a Math Genius. Right now the pages are easy but once I hit chapter two, yikes! I copied a hymn. What Can Wash Away  my Sins. I love singing. This one is my song for the day!
On the Sketch page I copied another Dyslexia Games page. This one is from Series A.

The My Thinking Page, I don't like having it two days in row. I'd love if the Winter journal had some of the Dyslexia Games pages in it.
 I copied, colored, and taped the Male Painted Bunting bird. I was going to write facts around it but I was tired yesterday. Not sure what's going on. I haven't been this kind of tired for a long time. I really do think taking the liver pills helped. I'm also out of my Krill Oil too.

My Creative Writing page I wrote a poem called Dyslexia Games it goes like this:
Dyslexia Games has gotten a lot of fame,
Dyslexia Games is fun,
You can use it under the sun

Dyslexia Games trains,
It trains your brain.

I love Dsyslexia Games,
It's not lame.

That is all,
About Dyslexia Games - bwahahaha
I left one box from the Reading Time page empty. I really meant to go back and complete that. Maybe I'll add a verse or draw a coffee cup or both! On the Listening Time page I listened to Amy Grant: Songs from the Loft. One of my favorite albums from her. 

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  1. You are setting a beautiful example. I love listening to Amy Grant.