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#MomSchool Week 3 Completed

I'm on week 4 of my 6 Week Teach by Example Challenge and I have to say I'm enjoying my mom schooling. It's been fun. I am using the Winter Girls Journal from the Thinking Tree.

This week I'm changing things up a bit because I finished reading The Wise Woman and I started From Adam to Us with the kids.

Since I'm going to use From Adam to Us right along with the kids I thought I'd do the "schoolwork" part in my journal.

These are week 3 pages that I completed.
I don't know why I always have a hard time with My Thinking Page. When it shows up two days in a row, for me, it's too much. Once a week is good for me, lol. I know there is so much to be thankful for and we should set daily goals (as well as weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.) so maybe in the end this is a good thing for me. I did change the idea section to prayer.
Because I'm mom I printed a recipe, cut, and taped it, hehe. I do a lot of writing using my Winter Girls journal. I also have two other journals: Quieting Your Heart a prayer one and my The Book of Acts journal.
I am working my way through Math Genius. If you haven't looked at the funnest math book on the planet the please click the link to find out more about it =)

Since I'm reading through the book of Acts and it's a TRUE story, I thought I'd write and draw about it. I mean it did REALLY happen. And you all know I can't draw so I did a Grapevine and drew stick figures, heehee.
Reading Time pages from my studies of Acts, read aloud The Escape, and history study with the kids -From Adam to Us which left one box blank. Again, with a prayer and Bible study journal, I think I can call it good ;)
Another area of teaching by example that I am working on is less computer time. Here is what I wrote on March 7th:

"Another reason is I feel like I need to be an example to my kids. Especially my three youngest boys. I'm constantly saying, "Turn off the computer, schoolwork first" or to one of the kids, "No, you can't play a game on the computer because your schoolwork is not done or did you practice your AWANA verses" and I'm saying this as I'm on the computer doing nothing."

So imagine my surprise when The Thinking Tree came out with How to Escape the Digital World and Enjoy Reality! How cool is that! I'll take it as God trying to tell me something, ouch!
I might make this a 12 week plan instead of day because I have a lot on my #MomSchooling plate right now.

And that my dear friends is another day of Mom School.

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