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Quieting Your Heart

Look what came today! My Quieting Your Heart: 30 Day Prayer Journal (Love Edition)
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure.
I orgianlly purchased the 6 Month Journal because it was a dollar cheaper than the Love Edition.
But the next day the Love Edition one was under $6 and it was the one I originally wanted so I talked myself into getting it, hehe. They both came today.
So I worked in my Love Edition prayer journal today while my kids completed some school work.
Here's Lance working hard in is Language Smarts book.

I didn't take any pictures but we did complete another day of the Picture Smart Bible and The Election lap pak from Home School in the Woods - we are working on, yay!

This year Brent is using the Election Lap Pak, For You They Signed, and some readers for history. He will also listen to Diana Waring cds.

He'll use the timeline book from The Thinking Tree to add dates and summaries of what he's reading and listening to.

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