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Short Week at Homeschooling6

This week the kiddos will only complete Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday they will get ready for a camping trip, and Friday is clean up day.

Here is what our homeschool week will look like for my three youngest kids.

Brent is my 8th grader. Can't believe next year I will have 3 kids in high school and 1 NOT in school at all!!! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE (hug your littles while they are little).

This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
This year Brent is learning about American history. We are pulling from different sources. I'm not just having him work his way through one book. One book I hope to have him continue with though is For You They Signed. He reads about one signer of the Declaration of Independence a week (except for last week and this. He'll start back next week). Because of this week being weird I will have him use The Mystery of History. He will complete Week 2 - Lessons 4, 5, and 6.

Brent will learn about 
  • Frederick II and the Seven Years' War (1740, 1756-1763.
  • Voltaire and Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Leaders of the Enlightenment (1750, 1762)
  • Benjamin Franklin (1752)
Brent's actually covered this era before but not with The Mystery of History. He will listen to the audio as he follows along in the book.

I was hoping we'd be further along in Literature but we've been blessed to have family come from out a state several times this year. It's so hard to get any school done when cousins are running around.

  • Monday Brent will watch a video lesson and complete 4A
  • Tuesday complete 4B - Fragments in Complex Sentences. Complete 2 of 3 pages.
  • Wednesday finish 4B More on Fragments.
  • Nature Anatomy book. This week will be pretty light. He will use is Nature Study page from his Christian Family Homeschooling Journal. He'll basically draw and write a little bit about what something from the Nature Anatomy book.
Art & Logic:
  • Dyslexia Games Series C Book 4: Innovation Games, he is to complete 3pgs. a day for a total of 9 this week.
  • Spelling: He will use his history and science books to complete the Spelling Time page as well as the Bible.
  • Copywork
  • Reading Time: I labeled the boxes to read: Who - What- When - Where and he is to use The Mystery of History to write a few sentences.
  • Nature Study: he'll use Nature Anatomy
  • Film Study: because my boys get lazy with this page (meaning they watch but 'forget' to fill out the page) I taped mapwork over The Film Study so Brent will complete the same map from the Seven Years' War from Mystery of History. I gave him the AK to copy and he will do this for three days.
  • Start Your Day, Daily Bible Reading, and an Art & Logic page are also includes as well as a page to color but he probably won't do that.
With his journal, I wrote on the Reading Time to use MOH and what pages. I did the same with the Nature pages. This is yet another way to use The Thinking Tree journal. Not so delight directed but still a lot more fun than worksheets :)

Whew. that was a bit more details then I intended =)

Next up is Ethan my 8th Grade student.

 Ethan will use the Christian Family Homeschooling Curriculum (updated one - so it's slightly different from Brent's) this week. This will gibe him about 4 hours of mom directed learning (bwahahaha - it's suppose to be delight-directed, hehe).

Language Arts:
  • The Critical Thinking Co. Language Smarts. He completes two pages a day. He's learning about prefixes this week.
  • Math Essentials- he's completing the Whole Numbers chapter. This week he will watch two lessons and complete 3 pages. He's reviewing multiples of ten and dividing by 2-Digit divisors. He will also complete two pages a day from Multiplication Games.
Dyslexia Games:
  • 2 pages from Creative Copywork a day.
  • using the Nature pages from his journal he will read from Explore and Learn, copy a picture and write a sentence or two about what he learned (a bit light this week as well).
  • The Fight For Freedom: he will use his Reading Time pages to write Who-What-When-Where from his journal.He will read a chapter a day from The Fight for Freedom.
The Thinking Tree Journal:
  • in his journal, like with Brent, I assigned pages for him to read from his history and science books. He will also complete copywork, Daily Bible Reading, Art & Logic, Spelling Time, and World News which he will use as World News in History (yes, we are switching it up a bit. I thought it would be a good thing for him to write what was happening in the era he's reading).
Lastly what is Lance up to. He is still completing Dyslexia Games Series A so I'm still keeping his schedule on the lighter side. I'm am excited to announce that in a few weeks or maybe closer to a month we will start Notgrass: From Adam to Us. I'm going to add a few things to his workload but I'll write about that later.

Language Arts:

  • Language Smarts D - two pages a day. He's working his way through consonant blends.
Dyslexia Games:
  • Series A: Monday he will complete Book 3. Tuesday he will start Book 4. He completes three pages a day.
  • He will read from Dog Diaries: Buddy 
  • I'm going to have him review this week using The Littlest Math Book, this book is actually more therapy for him but I like that he reviews basic addition and subtraction using logic. He will also practice 3 digit subtraction and addition while reading a story from Math A Living Education. Because he's older he will complete one lesson a day. It will give him some gentle reading practice too! I am printing the pages because I snagged these math books when Angela had them for free a year or so ago on her website.
And that's it! All three boys will complete at least one day of The Picture Smart Bible. We will review what we've learned from our Elections Lap-Pak but won't actually complete another sections until the following week. Home School in the Woods has been so kind to let me use it in a "real" homeschool setting for this review. That is so helpful. I know I say this all. the. time. but I wanted to be further along with the lapbook but as hubby says, "It is what it is" and I'm thankful Home School in the Woods is working with me on this.

Some things we will be adding soon:

I thought it would be fun to learn about anatomy through a story. I haven't tried any of the books in The Quark Chronicles series yet so we'll see how it goes.

To add some fun to our learning I am going to try a few Interactive Notebooks for math and language arts. It will probably be a few weeks to a month before starting the Interactive Notebooks though.


  1. Those interactive notebook books look amazing. They are in my cart!!!

    1. Don't they look wonderful! I'm going to try two to start and see how it goes.

  2. Yes they do grow up wayyyy too fast! Enjoy your short week :)


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