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Teach by Example with Mom Schooling

I started my mom school today (well, actually last week but Monday was the "official start date) and it went well.

My mom schooling books for this challenge. If needed those doing the challenge are free to swap out books if needed. I'm hoping to stick with the ones I chose until I'm done reading them. The Building Blocks in Science is a really good one.
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I was looking forward with completing a Spelling Time page but there wasn't one for today (or tomorrow).
The Thinking Tree
I really enjoy the Reading Time pages. I am going to read what I wrote to the kids and hopefully it will inspire them to write a bit more when they use this page.
I still need to complete the math page and finish coloring.

Here is a page from Ethan's book.
The Thinking Tree
He is using aff the Christian Family Homeschooling Journal.

Later this week I'll share about my trip of the Convention. I'm slow with getting back into the swing of things. It's always so hard for me to get back to normal after being gone for a while. I will say I had so much fun meeting Sarah and hanging out with her family.
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