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Teach by Example

Teach by Example is a quote I've heard often as a parent. Recently I've heard it over and over as it's a quote that The Thinking Tree mamas use regularly. Sarah has weaved it into The Thinking Tree way and it goes hand-in-hand with her Fun-Schooling philosophy!

I'm taking it a step further by becoming a homeschool mom that is actually homeschooling herself. Sound confusing?!?! Well, let me explain. I have boys, boys that don't like to sit still for very long, even if we are Fun-Schooling. Okay, my way of Fun-Schooling is helping my boys incorporate our schoolbooks into their journals. Not exactly how many of The Thinking Tree Mamas do it but it is a lot more fun than just filling out worksheets and when the journal is full, it has lots of memories in it not a bunch of worksheets that get thrown out. Okay, back to me homeschooling myself.

I thought, "Why let my kids have all the fun with these journals" it's something I've considered before but thought it would take too much time. 

Lately I've felt like I am spending too much time online. Precious time that can be spent with my kiddos. I find myself scrolling through Facebook doing nothing. 

If I'm working on my Homeschooling6 Facebook Page that's fine I don't consider it a waste of time helping other moms but when I'm just scrolling because I have "nothing" to do, than I need to rethink my "nothing to do".

Another reason is I feel like I need to be an example to my kids. Especially my three youngest boys. I'm constantly saying, "Turn off the computer, schoolwork first" or to one of the kids, "No, you can't play a game on the computer because your schoolwork is not done or did you practice your AWANA verses" and I'm saying this as I'm on the computer doing nothing.

I need to teach by example and get off the computer. So I've been limiting my computer time but you know what? I have "nothing" to do. Not literally as the dishes need cleaning and laundry needs folding but what I mean is I "feel" like I don't know what to do.

I'm embarrassed to even admit this.
Since I didn't have "anything" to do AND I want to be an example to my children I decided to take a six week challenge with Fun-School myself. Today I picked some of the books my kids are using and I've been interested in them as well.

I decided I wanted a girly journal and picked the Homeschooling for Girls Winter Journal
I picked my books:
  • The Geology Book - I picked this one one because it's one of my kid's schoolbooks and I want to read what they are reading. I am also interested in the Wonders of Creation series.
  • Studies in World History Volume 2 - this book was suppose to be part of Brent's school but I don't think we'll use it for that so I thought I'd use it as a spine for my Fun-Schooling 6 Week Challenge =) I read the first lesson and liked it. A lot better than my boring textbooks I read as a child.
  • Building Blocks in Science - just plain interested and Brent will use this one sometime this year as well. It will be nice to know what he's learning. Having something in common like what your child is learning I think bonds parents to their children because we can sit and chat about the book. Discuss, did deeper, and really get to know our children in a maturing way. My babies are growing up and I want to share in their world.
  • Herbal Remedies for the Cold & Flu Season - a book that I downloaded years ago and have yet to read.
  • The Wise Woman by George MacDonald - I purchased this two years ago and haven't read it! It's a book I wanted to read aloud but haven't. Maybe after reading it myself I'll read it to my kids.
  • Learn About Texas Birds - I need something for my Nature Pages and this book will fit the bill! I plan to get a book on trees from storage because I'm interested in trees too.
  • Psalty's Songs For Lil Praisers - Another book I've had for many years. The songs are for little hearts but no reason why I can't sing them to my older children. I'll use this to copy parts in my Fun-Schooling journal.
  • Passion Hymns for Kid's Heart is another hymn book that has sat on the shelf for far too long.
And so let the Mom Fun-Schooling Herself Challenge begin (um, this will be a short week because Annette and I will be flying to South Carolina).
 I started with the Circle Today's Date. I wanted to add some doodling and quotes but decided to get started Fun-Schooling and if I had time I'd come back to it.

On the opposite page I copied a stanza from Psalty's songbook and colored part of the picture. As with many of my coloring pages, I'll come back another day or weeks later to finish it.
 On my Nature Study page I traced the bird's head and sort of outlined the top half of the body. The rest I did free hand. I'm no artist and this is why my pages are filled with words but regardless of my not so artistic self, I was happy with how it came out.

The Draw a Meal Plan page is my meal of song and praise. Looking at the cardinal got me thinking of all the birds I hear in the morning. I love their singing. So I decided to sing to the Lord and copy what I sang which was the Old Rugged Cross.
Just as the Reading Time page suggest I picked a book from my stack, turned on a timer, and started reading. When the timer went off I wrote something about what I read.

My Learning a Skill page was the first page I completed. I read a few pages from the Herbal Remedies book and wrote what I learned.

There was another coloring page but I didn't have time to color it so it will have to wait. I usually let the kids skip this page unfortunately because they don't like to color. I do encourage them to color though because it's so relaxing.

I set the timer for 15 minutes and colored the page with the trees. Once the timer went off I moved on. Not because I wanted to but I not only had to finish school but get the laundry done. 

I didn't do the pages in order and it took a good two hours for me to complete the them. It was fun sitting besides my kids and completing my own "school" work. I followed the same rule: no computer until school is done.

And that was my first day of Fun-Schooling myself. Tomorrow I need to start packing and such so I might have to officially start my first week March 14th.


  1. This is a great idea, Linda!! This is one reason I like family learning - we all read the same thing and cam discuss it as a family, anytime.

    1. I miss the times when I used Sonlight or WinterPromise and we did things together. For some reason as the kids got older it became harder for me I don't know what happened. I am going to give it a go with my three younger ones again. We will start From Adam to Us as soon as it arrives. I've been blessed to review it, yay!

  2. We are doing From Adam to Us and it is just wonderful! My girls are old enough to read it themselves, but we do it together because I LOVE the lessons myself. We often go and look up more abouT what was in the chapter together. And the pictures are so beautiful! I bought and HDMI cable to hook my laptop to the TV (since we have been doing it digitally) and we have been able to look at the pictures REALLY big. You will love this time. As far as showing my girls, I make sure they see me doing my quiet time, journaling, and research for whatever I am learning. Healthy eating, essential oils, natural cures and now working on building our house. So organization and the cost of different building materials.

    1. I can't wait to start From Adam to Us. I'll be stalking the mail guy as soon as it ships. Can't wait.

      Great job with teaching by example. I hope you will join the challenge =)


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