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The Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal for Kids with ADHD (Review)

The Hyper-Active Homeschooling Journal for Kids with ADHD is another fun-schooling journal from The Thinking Tree.
This book is recommended for ages 9-14. You determine the reading level by the books you have your child choose. If you have a 9yr. old and a 14yr. old using this journal, they simply read books at their grade level.

This is a six week journal, meaning if you have your child do the suggested amount of pages (from date to date pages) which is between 8-10 pages a day, the book will last a full six weeks - providing roughly four hours of delight-directed learning or structured learning if you use it with your regular "boxed" curriculum (like I do at times).

This one is unique in the sense that it has your child studying jobs and people via the Would YOU like this Job? page. This journal is similar to the Asperger's journal. The main difference between these two is the Asperger's journal has:
  • Math Practice pages - like the ones found in Are You a Math Genius?
  • Object Lesson (the Hyper Active has Job pages)
  • Eye Contact Therapy Pages 
Let me give you a three day walk through of this wonderful journal.

Day 1
 As with all the journals, have your child choose between 6-9 books to use with the Hyper-Active journal. Each day (if using from date-to-date pages) your child will Circle Today's Date.
 Your child will circle yes - no- maybe about a job. He then will give four reasons why he we would or wouldn't like having that job. What a fun way to get to know your child more.

The opposite page is How are you feeling today? Another great way to bond with your child. Ask him or her why he/she is feeling that way. Mom can use a different color gel pen or colored pencil to show what mood she's in as well.
Next is the Reading Time pages. Your child will choose a book from his stack, read for 15 minutes, then draw or write about what he read in one of the boxes. Then repeat three more times. Your child doesn't have to do this page in one sitting. Have him do one page then complete another page or take a break and come back.

If you have an older child, require complete sentences but the purpose is to keep it fun! Sometimes I have my child read through a lesson (when we are using our boxed curriculum) and use all four boxes to fill in what he read. If it was history I'll sometimes have him use one box for each of the w's: who, what, where, when. We are always changing things so do what's best for your child and be creative.

The Spelling Time pages are always fun. You will have your child use his books to find words. In the page above your child will find 20 words with 4 letters. They can also run around the house and find words on cereal boxes, magazines, etc.
 Screen Time is another fun page. I usually have my children do this page after lunch when more of their school has been done. The next page is for math. Your child can watch a tutorial or use math problems from their math book or draw something.
 World News Today page, you and your child can read a newspaper article or online to fill out this page. Sometimes I change things up and have my kids put what World News was happening in the time period they are studying.

If you have a younger child, mom can write while your little one dictates to you or have him draw something, cut out a picture from a magazine or newspaper, again, get creative and have fun!

Copywork, I love my child doing copywork. This is one of the reasons I love this books is it includes copywork daily.

The last page your child will do in day 1 is Thinking Time. A fun way to get some logic in your child's day. These pages are taken from the Dyslexia Games series.
 Day 2! Starts with Circle Today's Date. I am working through the Winter journal for girls and I love to add what the weather is like or something special. One time my son brought me home a Flat White from Starbucks so I wrote that on my date page.
 The next page for Day 2 is Start Your Day. Your child will write or draw what they want to do, make a prayer list, and a to-do list. Other than the prayer list there is no religious content. I personally love having the Prayer List. If you'd rather not have that you can change it. Have your child write three or four words that they need to practice or how they are feeling instead.

Letter Doodles give your child a chance to de-stress by tracing and coloring.

 The Nature Study page gives your child a chance to go outside and draw something like a tree, rock, bird, bug, or anything in nature that his heart desires to draw. Another idea would be to have your child draw something from one of his books that pertain to nature.

 The Draw a Meal Plan is a really fun page. You can have your child draw what they eat throughout the day, draw a meal of what grandma ate, or draw their dream meal. If your child can eat anything they wanted to for a day what would it be? Another great way to get to know your child, ask why they picked those foods. You can make a special day late by having a "Ethan" meal day.

Another way to use this page is have your child draw what a person in their books would eat or the era of what they are reading. What did people in South America eat a 100 years ago. An older child can write how food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, was prepared back in the days of Laura Ingalls, or the great depression. Get creative and have fun with this page!
Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree
 Day 3
Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree

Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree

Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree

Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree

Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree

Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree
The Fun Writing Practice gives your child a chance to practice letters and/or creating his own font. Your child can practice writing in print, cursive, or a fancy font.
Hyper Active Journal by The Thinking Tree
And that is a three "day" walk through. 

Others way to use the Hyper-Active journal:
  • Fun Friday - make Friday a fun schooling day using the journal and games!
  • Rainy day journal - use it for just that! On a rainy day. Make it special and do some pages together.
  • Need a break? Pull out the journal and have your child use it on his own while you do something for yourself like read a book, spend time in the Word, or do the dishes and sweep the floor.
  • Every 4th week use your journal. Five days of fun-schooling with The Thinking Tree
  • Moving, having a baby, etc. use the journal during that time to give your child some independent work while you rest or get things ready for a move. 
These journals are so flexible. If 10 pages is too much - complete a few a day. Use the date-to-date pages to gauge a weeks worth of work by having your child work a few pages a day.

As with all The Thinking Tree Journals the Hper-Active Journal uses the Open Dyslexic Font. The Thinking Tree journals are designed to help children with Dyslexia, Asperger's, ADD/ADHD, and other learning challenges but of course can be used by any child (or grown-up).



  1. so you don't use this in place of your curriculum but just as an addition?

    1. Last year we used the journals as our core and added math and some writing. We used library books as their school books.

      The journals can be used as a supplement or as their curriculum (adding math in of course). You can use it as Friday Schooling, rainy day school etc. They are really flexible with how you can use them.