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The Thinking Tree Girls Winter Journal (Review)

Last week I touched on The Active Boys Spring Journal. This week I'd like to introduce the Winter Journal for Girls. I'm working my way through the Season Journals Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal
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Sarah, the author has eight beautiful girls so naturally many of the journals have a more feminine touch! I'll let you in on a little secret; my boys said they'd be fine using a girl journal =)

The Winter Girls Journal has a, well, winter theme throughout. It's geared toward ages 9-17 and is strongly recommended that your daughter read at a 3rd-grade level.

This journal does require more writing too so keep that in mind when choosing a journal for your child. It's suggested that your child complete 5-6 pages a day five times a week for it to last 60 days.

To make this grade appropriate for your child simply use books at her level. Your child will use books of her choosing (or some direction from mom) to complete: Spelling Time, Reading Time, create Meal Plans, do Copywork, Learn a New Skill, Film Study/Tutorial, and get creative with her writing using the Creative Writing pages!

All you need are library books. Have your daughter choose 4-9 books then allow her to fill the pages using the books she chose. At the end of this post, I give a few ideas as to how I'd use the book but keep in mind that Sarah meant this to be Fun-Schooling (wink)! I tend to add some mom control, ack, sorry. It's the "I need to make sure that my kids are learning what I think they should be learning" part of this homeschooling mama. So have fun, give your daughter some wiggle room to get creative and see what happens =) Be a Sarah not a Linda, lol. 

Okay, back to the review . . .

Here's what a week would look like using the Homeschooling Girls Winter Journal:

Day 1
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal
After circling the date you can have your child color or even trace the picture to help with fine motor skills (yes, even for older kiddos).
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal
If it's cold outside you can have your daughter copy something from one of her books. With the meal plan get creative and have her make a meal plan for one of the characters in her book.
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal
Reading Time, sometimes I have my child use only one or two books for this. With the Learning a Skill, this can be a skill your daughter is actually learning or a skill that a character in a book is learning.
Another idea would be a skill that your daughter would like to learn but because at the moment it may be impossible doesn't mean she can't. For instance, maybe she wants to learn how to take care of chickens but you live in an apartment. Well, let her learn that skill anyway by researching and writing what she would need to do to prepare and care for her two-legged friends. You never know - next year you'll might move to a bigger place where she can put her chicken learning to use!

Day one would end with the flower coloring page below but I might save it for Day 2 because there was already a coloring page for day one.
Day 2
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal
 If your daughter is intimidated with the Illustrated To-Do List, encourage her to draw anyway or doodle and of course there is nothing wrong with writing her list either. I'll admit that I usually write in my Illustrated To-Do List.
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal

The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal

The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal
Day 3
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal

The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal Day 4
The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal

The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal

The Thinking Tree Winter Girls Journal

Day 5
The Illustrated To-Do List can also be a list that a character in her book may have or if your daughter is going to bake a cake she can list the steps or the ingredients that she will need.

If using this with an older child like high school age, do keep in mind that this journal only requires a few hours a day. I would suggest having her use it for a subject. For example an elective. You can have your daughter check out books on let's say health. Have her check out books concerning health (or use her health textbook). She can create healthy meal plans, find recipes, listen to some podcast on healthy living, etc.

Other electives can be: photography, home economics, speech, finance, etc.

Have your daughter use the Winter Girls Journal for either history or science. Be creative with how your child can use the pages to make history or science more meaningful and fun.

Another way to use this journal with a high school child is to have her use one "set" of pages (from date to date) for one subject like science and another set of pages for history. Of course, the journal won't last 60 Days that way but it's an idea.

If using this with your Jr. High school child you can use it for a subject or subjects. Work around your journal. For example, have your child use the journal for history and science. You can add a writing or grammar book a few times a week and as always a math program.

For elementary ages hand your daughter the journal and let her learn in her own way. Just total Fun-Schooling. You can also direct her a little by requiring her to choose at least one history and science book.  

All of the above suggestions is just that, suggestions. You can use the journal any way you want to and what works for your family. Sarah created these journals for her own children to use because she was about to have a baby. She needed something that would allow her children to continue learning so she could really enjoy those first  6 weeks after the baby was born.

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