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The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-Up (Coloring)

In all my years of homeschooling (over 13 years, wow, where has the time gone!) I have never-ever grabbed my kids books to color pages (maybe I should have regardless of what program we use) that is until now!

The other day I wasn't feeling to well and couldn't sleep. I thought I'd color but I didn't want to go to the kitchen table. It was midnight. I wanted to stay in bed so I could just turn off the light when I was done.
The Littlest Math Book
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure, thanks!
So . .  I grabbed my son's Littlest Math Book and had a great therapeutic time, haha, of just relaxing, praying, and feeling better.

Sorry my pics are not that great.
The Littlest Math Book
This is the 3rd time I've colored or in this case traced The Thinking Tree - tree. Each time the tree has gotten 'smaller', (wink). The next time I color this tree (or eventually) it will be huge. I'll use The Secret Extra Large Edition coloring book.
The Littlest Math Book
I've also been known to use the journals that my kiddos are using. I just pick one up and start doodling or coloring. I love having their journals to use as coloring books and the extra 'mom' touch is always met with smiles when they discover I added some flare to their books. That results in big smiles.

Another day I snagged Ethan's Bible Time Kids and completed a page in it. I also added on another page what a neat kid I think Ethan is (not shown).
The Thinking Tree
I've been working in my mama books as well. Here are a few pages from the little gem of a book: How to Homeschool, and you don't have to be a new homeschooling mom. I have gleaned from this pint size book.
I'm not done with my pages. I like to come back and add my own doodling, quotes, verses, and/or add love notes to my hubby and kids.
And I added a new 'recipe' to my Coffee Time journal.
Do you ever journal and/or color in your child's Thinking Tree Book?

To see many of The Thinking Tree journals that Sarah has for sale please visit my Thinking Tree page and Helpful Thinking Tree Links page as well.

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