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The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-Up (Mom Time - Me Time)

Sarah Janisse Brown on the topic of moms needing their time as well. And it's so true. Moms need to take time for themselves. I remember when my kids were younger I was often made to feel guilty if I took time out for me. As if I was being selfish. I believe it's necessary.  I have a wonderful husband who has always encouraged me to have a little Me Time. And Mom Time doesn't always mean you have to leave the house. While hubby is spending time with the kids -mom can take a bath, read a book or work in her mom journal. I didn't have a mom journal back then but I do now and I love working in it.

Currently I'm using the Winter journal for girls and am having so much fun! The kids see me having fun. I show them my work all proud too! I love what Sarah wrote and thought I'd share it all with you as well. 
Mom Time Me Time by Sarah Janisse Brown

Here's Sarah's take on finding Mom Time - Me Time using a mom journal which I think is a great way to teach by example.

Many times we moms feel guilty for having "Me time" we feel guilty for taking time out to care for ourselves and have fun. We feel guilty if we know we should be reading to the kids... but we are sneaking off to read our own books... of pleasure! the Mom's Books are designed to set you free to take care of your needs, feed your spirit, grow in your gifts, and explore your interests... GUILT FREE! Why? Because when you use the Mom Books you are being an awesome example to your children of learning, growing, and taking care of yourself. When your daughters grow up, don't you want to make sure they take good care of their own needs so they can be vibrant to meet the needs of their family. When you create your Mom Basket, and gather your books and goodies, you send your children a powerful message, that moms can enjoy learning too. Some kids think that moms exist to cook, clean and teach them stuff, and they forget that moms have needs and interests too.

Not only are they learning that moms needs matter, they also are learning to value their own work because they see you at work doing the same types of learning you expect them to do. children often see moms on gadgets, computers and smart phones. They have no idea what you are doing because your online activities create no visual history. When you work in your Mom Book you are creating pages after page of meaningful work that your children can see and learn from. They can watch you write, and learn to write from your example. They can see you read, and be inspired to read too, because of your example.

You have heard the saying "Be the change you want to see in the world." I think we can also say "Be the change you want to see in your family."

I love using my Mom Books because I need to take time to think, dream, remember, plan and ponder. I love having a place to doodle and color. My children feel so privileged when I invite them to color with me in my book. My children feel like their work is meaningfully when we sit together working on our journals.

Kids work hard on their lessons, and put so much time into their education but often think that they are not doing "something real". When you use your Journals together you send a message that this work is so valuable that even MOM makes time to it. Mom, who is so busy, who has so many things to do, has time for Mom-School.

You can find all the mom journals HERE.

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  1. I actually managed to complete three more pages in my Homeschool Handbook for Moms this week! I was so proud of myself that I finally found the time.