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Thinking Tree Thursday Link-Up

It's been a busy week, month, year! Crazy busy but good. I'm so thankful to be using The Thinking Tree this year because of the business I haven't had a "regular" school year. Meaning what I had planned to use curriculum wise didn't happen. So finding The Thinking Tree has been just wonderful!

Make Your Own Timeline of World History is one of the Thinking Tree books we are using. 
In our history studies we read about the creation of the world and used our timeline to record it. I have boys who are not into a lot of coloring and have pencil phobia so I was so happy when I saw the above timeline entry from Ethan.

This week Ethan has also used Fun-Schooling Spelling, Dyslexia Games Series C (he finished series B last week!), Do-it-Yourself Multiplication Games, and completed a few days from his journal.

Do you have a Thinking Tree post? If so I'd love for you to join our Thinking Tree Thursday link-up


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