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We Wanted Snow and Got Hail Instead!

This winter was extremely warm compared to winters in the past. I missed having my cold days. Oh we had some but it seemed more like a mild summer than winter. I missed winter. It just hopped on by and didn't stay.

A few days ago it did get chilly and I heard a storm was brewing but little did we know it was going to hail.

We heard the wind howl, the rain come down, it was pouring worse than cats & dogs, then super loudness. It was hailing. 
Some of the hail was an inch or bigger. We could hear it hitting our windows and our poor cars that were outside.
Ethan holding one.
We have a little porch so the front window was safe but look at all the hail that flew at our front door!
We've had hailstorms in the past but never this bad.

When it was all over we had two broken windows; the kitchen window and one in Annette's room. My husband went outside to check the cars. It was late about 11:00 P.M. I think so he couldn't see much but thankfully no broken car windows, whew! He said the siding on our house was pretty damaged (not good).
I didn't realize how much damage until the next morning.
It looks horrible. Thankfully we have double pane windows.

With the sun up we also found our cars had dents on top and the side that was exposed to the wind which was blowing the hail pretty hard at our house and cars. Not huge dents but they are there.

My dad lives right behind us. His window was an older one, not double pane, so his just shattered. Thank the Lord no one was sitting on the couch because the hail broke his window and hail was inside.
Now we get to have fun calling our insurance, going to appointments, and paying for the damage. Not fun but I am thankful we were all inside when it happened. I can't imagine being out on the road with hail that size coming down. 

One time my hubby and I were caught in a hailstorm while driving. We were able to pull over into a car washing place, so we were sheltered and waited the storm out. The hail was not as large as the ones that we experienced Wednesday night.

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  1. Oh my, I'm so sorry for the damage but relieved that you are all okay.