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Where Do I Start with Using The Thinking Tree Journals?!?!?

UPDATE: Some journals are being updated. I put a line through journals that have been updated. As soon as I see the journals I can update and place them accordingly.

Not only do I see this question asked many times on the Fun-Schooling Facebook group that I help moderate but I get the same question in my inbox too.
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. 
Pages in the graphic above are apoximate. It may be 5-7 pages for the 60 Day Plan journals.

It's a good question. When I started using The Thinking Tree journals #1 there were a lot less journals and many of the supplemental journals like Are You a Math Genius, The Littlest Math Book, Four Seasons Spelling Time, Fun-School Spelling journals and so forth were not created, there was a lot less to choose from.

And #2 because I was a reviewer Sarah sent me a box of journals so I didn't even have to choose. My first box of goodies was The Do-it-Yourself Eclectic Journal, Christian Family Journal, and the ADHD Journal. All I had to do was pick which child got what, done!  =)

Back to the question where do you start with so many wonderfully fun journals?

Keep four things in mind when picking a  journal
1. Do I want my child to use the 6 week or 60 day plan?
2. Which cover will my child like. You can have him pick or you can do the picking.
3. Do I want a journal that has my child using their chosen library books (or books from home) daily or a few times a week?
4. Do I want Christian content in the journal?

Once you got that figured out you are on your way. To help you select and choose which journals have the 60 Day Plan or the 6 Week see the list below.

6 Week plan journas. These are the ones that suggest your child use around 10 pages a day for about 4hrs. of delight directed learning or you can use your current program:

Secular journals (6 week) using chosen books daily:

Journals with Christian content (6 week) using books daily:
Journals with Christian content that have no 'set' pages and/or books are used a few times a week. Please read Active Boys Spring Journal and 6-8th Grade Journals reviews to see what I mean (although the Active Boys journal doesn't have Christian content)
6 Week Journals (books used daily) that have no Christian content but does have space for a prayer list:
60 Day Plan journals (using books daily) 5-6 pages a day - 2 hours of learning:
60 Day Plan where books are used a few times a week:
You might want to add a spelling book and a fun-schooling supplemental math book.

Spelling Journals:
Read more about the Spelling Journals and visit my Thinking Tree page to find reviews regarding some of the spelling journals. 

Math Journals:
Hopefully the lists above will be helpful with you choosing a journal. Please do make sure you read the description on Amazon before purchasing. I've tried to categorize them as best I could but as you can see there are A LOT! 

(This post is under construction. Please excuse the mess. It will update  soon.)


  1. This post is so helpful! Thank you so much!

    1. You are so welcome. I hope to add more to it =)