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Everyday Education Books!

Janice Campbell has been so kind with allowing me to review three of her products!!! I'm really excited to use these books in our home. Two of them are McGuffey's Readers! I love the McGuffey Readers but always had a hard time implementing them. I'm praying that this version of the readers will help.

McGuffey's New Fourth Eclectic Reader
I want to use these with Lance and Ethan my 5th and 7th graders. We haven't started them just yet as we've been busy cleaning up after the hailstorm and all BUT next week I'm going to start Ethan  use the Fourth Reader and see how he does with it. I plan to sit with him and make sure he's saying all the words correctly.

I was going to start Ethan using the Fifth McGuffey's Reader but I want to make sure he's not struggling with it. His reading has improved a lot but I feel that the phonics review in the Fourth Reader will be good for Ethan.
McGuffey's New Fifth Eclectic Reader
These McGuffey Readers are different from the original McGuffey's hardback readers which were published in 1837.

The McGuffey's New Eclectic Readers from Everyday Education were published in 1857 and include an 18 page introduction for use with Charlotte Mason teaching methods by Janice Campbell. These ones are also paperback.

Another item that I'm excited to use with my boys is Perfect Reading, Beautiful Handbook by Caroline Joy Adams - republished by Janice Campbell.
Perfect Reading and Beautiful Writing by Everyday Education
I started using this with Lance. He's on the 4th lesson which is short vowels. They are easy for him but I wanted to start from the beginning.

The handwriting lessons are a bit hard for him. My goal was to have him have beautiful handwriting but we'll see, ack! I am going to sit with him and really try. Many times I'll admit I walk off leaving him to complete his handwriting lessons on his own. I don't think that's a good idea with Lance. He already has trouble with handwriting. I'm kind of caught with number 1. does he really have  a problem and is writing difficult for him because of his Aspie tendencies- or number 2. is he being lazy. Sometimes I feel like it's #1 and other days #2. Maybe it's a combination.

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  1. I love our old vintage McGuffy reader's, but sadly, I will admit, they are shelf sitting dust collectors :*( I love them though and I really need to thin down my bookshelves so that I remember what I have.

    These do look lovely and I want to look into them -- I see a familiar name "Charlotte Mason" on the cover that draws me in...hehe!


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