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History at Our House

We are working our way through From Adam to Us and are really liking it. I love that everything is in the package. Mapwork in it's own book. No pages to coy. Same with the timeline. No hunting for pieces.
From Adam to Us
I would LOVE if the kids would color and make the page look a little bit pretty but you know how that goes with boys (at least mine).

We completed lesson 11 today!!!
From Adam to Us
This was a fun chapter. We pulled out our maps (the ones that came with My Father's World's curriculum many moons ago, yup, we still have them and they are one of the most used homeschooling items.
From Adam to Us
We are doing this together so I read and we stop to look at the map and study the maps that are included in the book.
Our read alouds. The Escape is not part of the program but it's so good and I love that my kids know what others in the past went through for Christ.


  1. This looks like a neat program! I like Notgtass's America the Beautiful. Mikaela still has the second book to finish.

  2. I think I would like the timeline book without all the pieces, too :) I started having my girls just "draw" some of them.


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