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#MomSchool Week 4 (Teach by Example)

I am getting ready to start another week of #MomSchool. I'm on week 4. Next week I'll be taking off as two of my children will be leaving me for a few months and I need to focus on that. I'm going to miss Annette and Caleb so much! I've been missing them already even though they haven't left. My mama heart aches for my babies though they are still here.

I start my mom school with a cup of butter java! It keeps my tummy content until past noon some days! Other times just up to noon. It really helps me to focus and stay kind =)
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
The Teach by Example challenge has gone well. I've kept up with my students! They love that mom has school too and I really enjoy sitting with them completing my page of my journal. There's something about having time for me to learn, learn right along with them.

This weeks Mom School will look a little different then the last couple of weeks as I finished some of my books, yay! And we started Adam to Us so I'm going to use that for my history studies and teach by example using what they are using right now.
#MomSchool The Thinking Tree
I have math, science, history, spelling, Bible, and my own read aloud. My Bible time is quieting my heart, reading through the books of Acts and reading Woman After God's Own Heart. I'm excited about this challenge because it's gotten me on a good schedule with reading God's Word.
Teach by Example Challenge
It will take a probably twice as long to get through the book of Acts because of the journaling and also adding Woman After God's Own Heart but that's okay. I want to teach my kids that it's okay to stay for a while in one area.

I can't believe how fast this challenge is going. It started March 14th!

Have you taken the Teach by Example Challenge? If so please share pictures via post or what you've written about by joining the link-up below (please be sure to link back, thank you!).

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  1. You are a wonderful inspiration. I broke down and cried today. I'm weary and worn from this move and feel behind in so many areas of my life. I am looking forward to the next 5 days of rain/snow to help me slow down a bit and catch up in areas that have been pushed aside. I am giving praise that the move is over and God is allowing me to stay home still.


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