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Photo Fail

I purchased the new Trim Healthy Mama cookbook because I love all the "bizarre" (one mamas term) ingredients. I love those ingredients and have been using them for years so I like that the THM cookbook includes them in their recipes.
Anyway here is a picture of a muffin that I wanted to try.
Trim Healthy Mama Strawberry Muffin
Sorry for the funny pics. Sometimes my camera on my phone takes them like this. I don't know why it happens to some photos and not others. Strange but it is what it is, Anway below is how my muffin came out, haha. Pretty ugly but it tasted yummy!

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  1. I still haven't even really dove into the THM's 1st book :) I've heard that the newer editions are more helpful to those like me overwhelmed with the first book.


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