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50 Fun Creative Writing Prompts (Review)

The Thinking Tree has so many wonderful journals, fun supplemental math books, spelling journals, and now writing! No teacher manual or answer key required! Lets your teen be creative and stress-free knowing that her work won't be "judged"!

Tip!  If you see mistakes in her writing, don't point it out!!!! Instead, jot it down in your own mom planner to discuss with your teen daughter later. The whole idea is to create a stress-free environment to keep the joy of writing present.

Too many times we "kill" the joy of writing by correcting and noticing all the mistakes. Instead, notice all the creativity and let your daughter know.

This creative writing journal is just for Teen Girls (but I think if you write the prompt on the whiteboard you teen guys will like them too!).
 I purchased the Black and White one but there is a full color version and the pictures are stunning!
What makes this fun and creative writing journal unique (besides all the wonderful writing prompts), is the author. She's Sarah's 14-year-old daughter (read bio at the end of this post). Talented like her mother =)
This book can be used from 7th grade up as part of your daughter's Language Arts course! Have your daughter use it a few times a week to get her creativity flowing.
When you hand this to your daughter let her know that you will read one story a month of her choosing or if she likes she can share her writing with you but don't make corrections in HER book.

If you see an area for improvement, a missed word, a missing quotation mark etc. Go over it with her IF you know she is not sensitive about her writing, you know it will not cause her to shut down in this area or she's super excited about her story, otherwise, it can wait -save it for later. jot it down in YOUR planner or notebook.
You want her to be excited to pick this creative writing journal up and pour her creativity into it. This is why Sarah encourages us, moms, to not correct every story.
What I love about the black and white version is the space that some pictures have open like the one below. Your daughter can write a verse, quote, or poem to the picture and color parts of it as well. I know my daughter likes to practice her poetry and I'm going to encourage her to write them in this journal.
Another way to use this is right along with our daughters (teach by example). Maybe once a month take your daughter out for a cup of tea or to a coffee bar (my daughter loves going to the little coffee shop down the street), take along her 50 Fun Creating Writing Prompts book, choose a picture, and both of you come up with a creative story. This is something I plan to do with Annette.

I think this is a great way to make The World Your Classroom and what fun (and inexpensive) when using the 50 Fun Creative Writing Prompts. A prompt from the book, "And you thought dragons didn't exist . . ." now your daughter is off to dragon land or maybe a lost island or "A distant relative gives you one million dollars, and a quest to touch the world with kindness . . " what adventure will your daughter go on?!?!
Estera's Bio - Estera is 14, loves to play guitar, enjoys horseback riding, photography, books, journaling, and traveling with her family around Europe.  She is the 3rd of ten children in the Brown family.  She is a missionary in Ukraine and serves with babies and small children as well as evangelistic music and drama.  Estera helps her parents with the Thinking Tree by processing all the orders that come in for Dyslexia Games.  She is devoted to learning the Russian language and loves to organize parties.  With a family of 12, there are many birthday parties.  Estera unschools most of the time, her mom once asked her: "What is your favorite thing?" Estera answered, without missing a beat - "Research!"

See my video review below!

If your child goes to public school this book would be great for summertime. It's smaller than a composition book (and prettier too!) making it seem not so schoolish. Give the gift of writing through the summer in a fun way that doesn't seem like a school assignment.

Homeschooling6 Mom purchased Just for Teen Girls 50 Fun Creative Writing Prompts for her own teen daughter!

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  1. The writing prompts sounds like a great idea. I use a journal jar :), but I do like the idea of only correcting a few and allowing the freedom to just write for the creative juices to flow.


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