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All Abut Food - Creative Writing & Research Journal (Review)

All About Food: Creative Writing & Research Journal - A Fun-Schooling Coloring Book is for young and old. It's a great way to get kids learning about the food they eat. We are God's temple and I tell my kiddos we need to be pay attention to what we put in our mouth.
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
I thought this would be a great addition to my older kids health class. There is an assignment where they are to keep track of the foods they eat and this little journal would be perfect!
This little book is about eight inches in height and can be easily taken along if needed to the library or if running errands. The kiddos can write on the go!

Your kids can get creative with the illustrations and write funny stories; how did the little boy grow apples, where is he taking the box of goodies, why is he bowing (is he bowing for a job well done with keeping his fruit tree alive!)?
Cute illustrations by one of The Thinking Tree's 17 year old artist: Tolik Trishkin, living in the Ukraine.
You are your child can write recipes, research spices, and color the pictures.
I live a low-carb lifestyle and am often telling the kiddos about the nutrients in this food or that (and lack of it in some foods, mainly processed),so this would be great for me to write my findings to share with the kids.

Or even as a food diary to share with one of my boys. Ethan comes to mind. He's always a good sport with trying something new like brownies made with okra! We could do a little study on okra and record our findings.

To see more pages of this fun creative writing and research journal please watch the video below. Lance is giving you a peek inside, enjoy!

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