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Fun-Schooling Journals - What's the Difference!?!?

There are four journals that are very similar yet different. I have had a lot ask about these so I decided to make a video of course!
Fun-Schooling Journals by The Thinking Tree
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The Fun-Schooling journals have 365 Delight Directed Learning pages. These Fun-Schooling journals don't have date pages which some moms love the freedom of having their child skip around and use one, two, or only three pages a day.

I am having my children complete one activity a day in their Fun-Schooling journal.  

One thing I have notices about these journals is library books are not used everyday. I like that this journal has your child doing research though. There are occupation pages, what happened in the past, and current event pages.

Also included are:
Bible pages
Emotions and Moods
Animal Quiz
Copywork (passages included)
Copywork (using their library book)
Reading Time
Spelling Time

When using the Fun-Schooling books I'd add a spelling journal because the spelling pages aren't included daily. 
Fun-Schooling Journals by The Thinking Tree
Click HERE to read about the two older journals. It will give you an idea of what these journals are like.

A peek inside the two younger journals.

You can visit my Thinking Tree page to see more books and reviews!


  1. We love the Fun Schooling Journals, but like you, I missed the Spelling pages. Those really were my kids favorite pages!!

    1. Do you own Dyslexia Games Series C? I love the Word Hunt book.