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Happy un-Birthday Ethan

My Ethan turned 13 years in January. We recently celebrated his birthday. He wanted a month to call his own and had to wait 4 months for that to happen!

For years he always wanted an un-birthday so this year he finally got it =)
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My boys are into Mine Craft. I couldn't afford the whole themed party pack (the one with balloons, plates, tablecloth, etc.) so I went hunting around to see what I could find for less!.
I bought these neat paper sets: the Mob Set and The Mine Cart Set.
Ethan really liked them and it was great because he could play with them after too! Although I will admit it took Ethan and me a few hours to put them together but we had fun.

My serious guy!

The cake is an Egyptian honey cake. We got the recipe from Home School in the Woods 
I love when he smiles and laughs.

His cousin gave him a mini box of cookies =)

LEGOs from Auntie V.

Mine Craft LEGOs from mom and dad.
These are the LEGO sets I purchased for his un-birthday (that's what we called this late birthday).

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