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Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History (Review)

Lance and I have been working our way through Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History by Golden Prairie Press
Golden Prairie Press Ancient History Review
We were blessed to receive:
  • Tales of Ancient History Vol. 1 & 2 -two softbound books for a total of 630 pages
  • Ancient History Skits Volume 2
  • Sing Some Ancient History (CD)
  • Listen to Some Ancient History (CD)
  • Additional History Materials CD -this is in a sleeve at the back of Volume 1
I received the physical books and CDs but if you prefer you can purchase the Digital Edition: downloads and MP3. The physical books are printed in black and white. The downloads are full color (really beautiful) you can see samples at Golden Prairie Press.
The recommended age for this course is grades 1st-6th.

What makes Tales of Ancient History so unique is that it doesn't have the child read the text and answer questions. Nope, not this program. Your child will:
  • Cook Up Some History for example in Week 2 your child will make Date Cakes, yum!
  • Listen to Some History via the CD
  • Crafts like make a sling or bow and arrows
  • Act it Out via skits from Historical Skits Ancient History
Your child will also use maps, memorize Scripture, writing assignments, and questions that can be answered orally or you can print worksheets from the Additional Material CD.

There are 30 weeks worth of lessons. Each week has 5 lessons with the first lesson being Creation of the World and the last being about St. Patrick. 

What makes this program really unique is Amy has set up her history programs where some lessons have a reading section for 1st & 2nd grade and another for 3rd-6th.
What I love is at the end of each lesson all the assignments are listed. There is no separate teacher's manual, yay, I'm always losing those and it makes it hard to flip from teacher manual to student books, so I really, really, like the way Amy set this up. All the answers are in the back of the student text books (again, LOVE that!).

The Sing Some Ancient History includes 9 songs which is about 26 minutes long. I enjoyed the songs but Lance wasn't too wild about them. We listened to them anyway.

I love that Listen to Some Ancient History is included because my kids love anything audio =) some of the readings could have had a bit more excitement but we enjoy listening. I usually have Lance color while listening and we listen together.

Something that I don't find often in an Ancient History programs is the how to pronounce the names of places and people. Many of the names are hard to pronounce and I really appreciate that in the Additional Materials CD there is a pronunciation section. I have listened to it a few times and plan to listen many more times until I know how to pronounce all those ancient names! So I absolutely love that I can hear the names.

And the timeline is awesome. I love timelines and maps included in history programs.
Lance and I are doing this together. Sometimes I use the 1st/2nd grade side for him to practice his reading then I read the 4-6th grade side. For a strong reader I can easily see this as a more independent program with mom close by for help. That's were that pronunciation in audio becomes so helpful because your child can pop the CD in and listen to the names so when they see it in the text they will know how to read it.
I love that Lance is completing geography, creative writing (not all lessons), and having fun while learning history.

Amy has a passion for history and it shows in all her books. We have quite a few of them and own almost all the audio books. Another fun way to learn history is through Amy's Countdown Series. We own a couple of those too.
You can find Golden Prairie Press on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

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