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Mama's Day

Mother's Day was wonderfully relaxing as always. I started my day off with a ridiculously moist good-for you cake! It was so yummy.
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure, thanks!
If yo own the Trim Healthy Mamas new cookbook, you can find this Trimtastic Chocolate cake on page 296. It's the best low carb cake that I've ever made. Even better then the Special Occasion Cake (although I'll continue to make that one because of all the goodness packed into it).
I didn't even make or add the frosting because it was so good just the way it was and we are not a big frosty eating family.

I called my yummy coffee not-so trimmy because in the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook they have their version of the bulletproof coffee which of course doesn't use 2T of butter and MCT oil. Their version calls for 1tsp. MCT, gelatin, whey, and 1/8 tsp. Lecithen for creaminess. You know the mamas saying, "we don't count calories but don't abuse them either" well, I wasn't abusing them just enjoying and my coffee was soooo good!

My coffee had 2T gelatin, MCT Oil, 1T Kerrygodl butter, 1ts. whey, so as you can see, I held back with the butter and only added one tablespoon, haha.

 My hubby and kids spoiled me as always. Josh bought me a Pioneer Woman non-stick pan! I was shocked. I had mentioned to my hubby that I needed a new non-stick pan because mine was pretty used and the non-stickiness part was looking not so nice. It actually still works though but I guess Joshua must have heard me. But I had never said anything about a Pioneer Woman pan. Guess he knows his mama!
Please excuse the mess of my table.
A really sweet friend  from church gave me a little vase of flowers. She said because I don't have my Annette on Mother's Day they wanted to 'make' up for it. They know how much I miss my baby girl. I thought it was one of the sweetest and kindest things. Super sweet and thoughtful.

I colored in my journal on Mama's Day too. Very relaxing, that is until my dad came storming in saying my brother was in the hospital (he's home now).
Card from my hubby and my gift is on it's way. My guy has been so busy with the house, apartments, insurance, replacing the siding, work, etc. etc. etc. Normally he rounds up the kids to sign a card and all. He's wonderful like that.

 With more rain on the way he HAD to get some of the work done even on Mother's Day.

I did find this on my computer. I was looking at cups for steaming and frothing milk. I liked this one because of the color, so pretty.
And it should be here today! It's so PRETTY.

I didn't have to cook. My hubby took me out for lunch and dinner with the kids. I will say it wasn't low car either but I'm back on plan today. Yay!

It was wonderful. I enjoyed reading a book and relaxing. I do feel a little bad that my hubby was hard at work though. Thankfully he has his boys to help. Thank you Lord for a beautiful and loving family or should I say handsome ;)

Did I tell you I thought I was going to have around 5-7 girls and a few boys. Instead I had five boys and one girl. Life is like that though isn't it and I wouldn't change it for the world. Love my boys and my one little lady. She is little. My girl. Many people think she's twelve not 16!


  1. (((hugs))) I can imagine it being an emotional Mother's Day. That cake looks so good :)

  2. Happy Mother's Day (a day late)! What a sweet gift from Josh! And that cake...man...it looks yummy.


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