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Minecraft Mother's Day Special

My 18 year old son Joshua surprised me this Mother's Day (well a few days ago) with a two part episode he made. I thought that it was so sweet!

In part one he had me laughing because he's so funny. He set out to make a garden of flowers with a heart in the middle.

One of the reasons he was a little late with presenting me with the Mother's Day Special is if you play Minecraft (I don't but my kids do) then you know that they have to go out and get stuff. For instance the flowers, well sometimes Josh had to go through swamps and such. It wasn't easy collecting everything. It could take days, so these two episodes were not just made in the 15-20 minutes that he recorded.
In episode two he spends a great deal with putting the heart together. He had me laughing. What I think was suppose to be something smaller ended up being a huge monument. It actually looked nice the first time.

The heart is made of wool so he had to sheer the sheep quiet a few times to collect enough to complete the heart. In episode one, one of the sheep escapes and he had to run "home" to get some wheat and lure it back.

My son kept leaving his doors open too. He would run into the house without closing the door! At one time he went to bed with his front or back door open and his bedroom. A Jelly Bean could have got him (that's what we call the zombies, lol).

My kids are so great, they call the zombies Jelly Beans for their mama. I don't like zombies, we all don't care for them. We are not a zombie kind of family.

I really, really, really, loved this. For Mother's day he gave me a cool non-stick Pioneer Woman pan! He knows his mama! I'm one of those moms that like blenders, pans, and kitchen gadgets. Maybe not a vacuum though ;)

Update (5/27/16): Last night I watched these two videos again with my hubby and we were just cracking up. Josh is so funny. Episode two had me in tears because of the whole monumental heart.


  1. What a sweet gift from Josh! Kids cam be really thoughtful, and hilarious!!

    1. I thought so too. I know he worked hard on this. I love having something that shows his personality. Something I can watch and listen to in the years to come.

  2. A very memorable gift and something so unique.

    1. I was surprised. I thought the Pioneer Woman pan and oven mitt was it (loved the pan) so I was really surprised.


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