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My Vintage Book =(

I am still drying out books weeks after the back-to-back hailstorms we received almost a month ago.

 I bought this book at the local coffee shop.

 My beautiful book.


  1. Oh dear friend, I'm so sorry for the damage that those storms pounded you with. (((hugs)))

    1. Thank you, I know it could have been worse. I books but the ones like this can't be replaced so it's a bit extra sad. Thankful though but sad about my beautiful book.

    2. ((hugs)) I've been praying for your mama heart with your daughter being away. I'm not sure if she has already left or even returned home by now, but either way, I've had you on my heart.

    3. Thank you. I do miss her!!! She won't be back for another month or so :( I miss her bunches but am glad she can be helpful to her Auntie. I think of it as a little mission trip (being a servant trip).

      She was so sweet, she tried as best she could (no grandpa to drive her around to do things in secret) to make her Auntie's Mother Day special. She made a card and ordered things from our Amazon account and rounded up her cousins to sign the card and so forth. She's so sweet.


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