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The High School Years

Wow, next year I will have three high school kiddos and one who graduated. Yikes! It seems like yesterday we started homeschooling and now I have more kids in high school than grade and elementary. Weird I tell ya!

What have we been using for high school.

Josh used a mix of stuff my poor baby.
9th grade: Bob Jones
10th & 11: HOD - Heart of Dakota
12th grade: ACE Paces have worked well with him. He LOVES to read but workbook type schooling works best for him. He loved using Bob Jones for 8th and 9th but they were bit too challenging for him.

He loved Heart of Dakota but the way it's set up didn't work for him but he wanted to use it because of all the great books.

PACEs are working wonderful because the books are not overwhelming. He likes feeling accomplished with finishing a book so these work well for him. Plus with him working he needs something that doesn't take a super long time. He's pretty smart and because he's a veracious reader he knows a lot (little mommy brag there!)

Annette has used Heart of Dakota since 6th grade. She loves it, so that is what she is using. HOD does have a heavy load and she's a bit behind in her World History studies but has plans to catch up during the summer. This year has been a roller coaster of a year for all of us.

Caleb is using MFW Ancient History and he likes it but I might switch him to ACE because it just seems more doable for our family. We have tons of books to supplement ACE but I'm not sure yet. I'm still pondering. I want to stick with something for the rest of his high school years but that may not happen.

I am also thinking of using Notgrass for Caleb's high school year. For his 11th grade year use HOD U.S. History 1 (at least parts of it).

Brent will be in 9th grade this Sept! ACK! Again, I'm considering either ACE or MFW. Writing would be Essentials in Writing, Teaching Textbooks, Latin, along with many real life books.

Wow, is all I can say.


  1. It's so exciting to look ahead to the coming school year, but so difficult, too. Those decisions can weigh heavily. I do love how you are able to use so many different types -- a reminder that each child is so different. 3 High Schoolers at the same time is something I have never had. It's weird to think that I won't have any high school child for a few years again.

    Enjoy some hot coffee, whisper some prayers, and find peace in your decision process. ((hugs))

    1. It is weird. This year I had Josh in 12, Annette 10, and Caleb 9. My babies.

      Thank you for your encouraging words!!!

  2. Can't believe you've got one graduating! How fun! My eldest was just hired at a new Starbucks opening near our house in a few weeks. I thought, "Too bad we aren't near y'all or I'd have her talk to Josh for some tips." My eldest two will be in other places for school next year - a performing arts charter school for my eldest (2nd year there), and a public high school a city over for my second who really wants to go to school with her best friend next year. So I'll just have my little two - sixth and third next year. We will be joining a Classical Conversations community starting up at our church. I hit absolute burnout in January and decided I needed something that was already planned out for me as well as will keep me accountable. I'll probably still supplement with lots of read alouds as the living books is so important to me.

  3. We love HOD and MFW as well!! My 12th grader has had a crazy mix too :)