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The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-UP (10 Pages per Day Journals)

The book titles that are crossed out have been updated (as of 5/16) and have a suggested 5-10 pages a day now. In those books she suggest 5-10 pages but there are no Circle Today's Pages.  

I've been having so much fun making video reviews of The Thinking Tree books! I need to get back to my regular blogging, :)
The Thinking Tree 10 pages per day Journals
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.

For today's Thinking Tree Link-Up I thought I'd share with you all the journals that I own of the suggested 10 pages per day in a short video!

There may be more that are 10 pages a day journals but these are the ones I am familiar with.

To find out which journals are secular and/or have Christian content please visit my Thinking Tree page.

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