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The Thinking Tree Thursday Link-up (Using Ethan's Journal)

This week I grabbed Ethan's journal and completed a few pages. Please excuse my mistakes. I had to get up a few times and wasn't being careful enough to see where I left off, ack, real life mom schooling mistakes!

Sorry for the not-so-good pictures.
This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure.
 I wanted to encourage and be an example to Ethan with completing the History Time and Yesterday's News pages. For the Yesterday's News pages I put news that doesn't really make it on main stream media. I used Voice of the Martyrs magazine for that page.
Our "Movie" Study was on Moby Dick. On a warm and rainy day (wish it was a cold and rainy day :D ) earlier this month we borrowed a movie from my dad.

All these pages are from the Fun-Schooling Journal -Grades 6-8. You can read and see a video comparing the four Fun-Schooling journals HERE.

Do you work in your kiddos journals? If so please write a blog post and share by linking up! Please link up any post that refers to The Thinking Tree and don't forget to link back, thanks!


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  1. Fun mama! I'm so glad that you are enjoying this :)


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