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Trim Healthy Mama Yummies and Drinks

For the last month I've been brushing up with understanding my E, S, and FP meals again. I sort of been eating more carbs than I should the last year like cheating on the weekends with a delish cheeseburger bun and all, ack! Not good.

For the most part I've stayed away from dyes, msg, etc. but I was eating things like an organic-non GMO granola bars or organic spaghetti noodles and such which, um, were not good for my waste line and my triglycerides went through the roof! 

So with that said I thought I'd go back to Trim Healthy Mama because I love the support groups they have. I joined one of the smaller ones but peek in the main FB group once in a while. I like the smaller group because there are less woman.

Trim Healthy Mama Singing Canary
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure
One of my favorite drinks I like to make and sip is the Singing Canary. I love the lemony taste with the twist of orange when using Citrus Fresh essentials oils. Yum! I also replace the pinches of mineral salt with sole (a salt water that I make using triple filtered water and Himalayan salt).

What I do is double the recipe. The night before I peel, de-seed, cut, and blend the lemons with water. I then put it in the fridge. The next morning I add the rest of the ingreidents and pour over ice for hubby and me to sip all day. 

Another drink I like is the Trimmy. This is basically a trimmed down version of the bulletproof (butter) coffee. Instead of a tablespoon of butter and MCT Oil you pull it back to a tsp. of MCT oil only.
You also can add  a tsp of protein powder and gelatin. I use Great Lakes gelatin and the THM protein powder but I did find the Hoosier Hill Farm brand as well. It is micro filtered as well. I purchase the Hoosier Hill Farm when I only need one item and don't want to pay shipping to purchase from Trim Healthy Mama.

Now as much as I like the Trimmy Light found on page 430 of the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, nothing beats my not so light butter coffee. 
Trim Healthy Mama
I've been drinking butter coffee every morning for two years now and absolutely love it but now that I'm doing THM it's more of a splurge. Here's how I make it:
1T Gelatin
1T butter (preferably grass fed) 2T if not using   cocoa butter
4 cacao butter wafers (optional but so good!)
Stevia to taste or you favorite sweetener

I drink the trimmies at least twice a day and if I want a cozy coffee at night I'll make a trimmy. I am finding that since I started Trim Healthy Mama I'm drinking less coffee. 
Trim Healthy Mama
The Earth Sip page 402 I tolerated but didn't care for it. I drank it because I didn't want to waste all the goodness that is in this sipper. I'll most likely try it again. Maybe I did something wrong or maybe it was the brand of Ooling tea. 

I also enjoy the Good Girl Moonshine or what I use to call (before I found out about THM) vinegar water. I like their name for it much better. Sounds more fun.
Trim Healthy Mama
I find that putting ingreidents in a bag with a measuring spoon helps me stay organized. I usually use  four 1/4 tsp of ginger and a smidgen of Cayenne pepper. I didn't have an extra teaspoon (I need to find more at the thrift stores).

I recently bought some ginger juice to try instead of the powder so I'll have to report back with how that works out. I'm going to use the ginger juice tomorrow.

Here are a few more bagged foods with measuring spoons that I use the most with the ingredient.
Trim Healthy Mama

Trim Healthy Mama
I enjoy having the Thin Thick page 423 and try to make it at least 4 times a week. A great way to get some okra in your diet.
Trim Healthy Mama Thin Thick
 This isn't a drink but I wanted to share another photo fail, haha! This is the Pineapple Upside Down single serve cake on page 290. I think next time I will put it in the oven.
Trim Healthy Mama Upside Down Cake
I know it looks gross but it tasted good. I LOVE, LOVE, upside down pineapple cake so I was super excited to see this one in the cookbook, yay! Now I need to quadruple it or something to make a family size cake.

Speaking of cake -today I made Trimastic Chocolate Zucchini Cake and Oh-My-WORD, it's the most delicious cake ever!!!
Trim Healthy Mama
It came out really moist and looked like regular sugar/flour cakes. I didn't make the frosting because we like our cakes plain unless it's a special occasion like a birthday.

And that's a Trim Healthy Mama wrap! I'll share more as I make the goodies and drinks. Oh, almost forgot the Lazy Lasagna was pretty good too!  

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