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Trim Healthy Mama Yummies

I have been enjoying my Trim Healthy Mama foods. This is what I'm having for breakfast today!
Trim Healthy Mama Brownies
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
 It's the Cry-no-more Brownies (S) pg. 314 and the Trimmy Light (FP) pg. 430.
Trim Healthy Mama Brownies
 These brownies are so yummy but I will admit my family didn't like them as much as I did. They are good though. If you own the Trim Healthy Mama cookbook try the brownies. Don't let the okra ingredient stop you. I promise you can't taste the okra at all.

The batter does look pretty gross though. I had my concerns but wasn't going to let a little slime stop me from trying this recipe.
Trim Healthy Mama Brownies
The Cry-no-more Brownies want to taste like "real" brownies made from wheat and all the things that are not good for you but it's not there. I think it's more the texture. I will try these again. Maybe I did something wrong.  And my family will like them ;) actually my hubby and Ethan enjoyed them. Again, they didn't have the "real" brownie thing going on but this recipe is super close. I've tried a lots of healthified brownies and these are the best so far. By best I mean taste and texture.

THM Trimtastic Cake
The Trimtastic cake pg. 296, wow! Pearl and Serene nailed it on this one. It looks like cake and taste like cake. It's soooooo good! My whole family loved it. My Sis-in-law even brought her own greased pan over once when she found out I was in the process of making this and doubling the recipe!
THM Trimtastic Cake

THM Trimtastic Cake
This cake is made in the food processor. I have a Ninja one my dad bought me last year for Mother's Day. I haven't used it much until now. In one week I've used it at least a dozen times. I make the Gelatin Whip pg. 375 almost daily.
THM Trimtastic Cake
I've made this cake three times already! I don't even add icing to it because it taste so good naked, haha!
THM Trimtastic Cake
I purchased some of the Trim Healthy Mama baking blend so I can compare my recipes with a homemade baking blend that I found searching the internet. In the picture above one side has the THM official Baking Blend and the other side is my homemade one. I found it here.
I've used both and can't tell the difference.
 I also made the Chocolate Truffle Cake pg. 302. It was good just not as good as the Trimtastic Cake.
Trim Healthy Mama
  I didn't frost it because I wasn't so sure about the mint frosting. What I did was for each slice I cut it and put the mint frosting on that way just in case the frosting wasn't to our liking would still have the cake.
Trim Healthy Mama
Nobody liked the frosting. Not even me. I still have it in my fridge because I don't want to throw it out. I mean I used my expensive gelatin, gentle sweet, and coconut oil to name a few ingredients. But it is yucky and I don't mean to be disrespectful to the THM ladies. I tasted it again just now before writing this and, yeah, I'm going to have to toss it. I might try this again but make the Espresso Chocolate version. Just not the mint.
Trim Healthy Mama
I love the E pancakes made out of oat meal that is ground into flour. These are some of my favorite pancakes. They look enough like "real" pancakes to me and taste yummy. I'm not sure why but this time around (in the new THM cookbook) they are not sticking. When I made them before (when the first THM book came out) I always had trouble flipping them. Not sure why it's much easier now. I don't think the recipe has changed but I'll have to check.
This is a single serve mac and cheese dish using the Konjac noodles or Not Naughty Noodles. It's so yummy. I've made this twice and just love it! I watched a video on this one. There is a family serve one in the cookbook. With this one I cooked in butter, added salt, pepper, onion & garlic pepper, some cream cheese, and a bit of cayenne pepper, oh, and some cheddar cheese. The second time I made it I added a laughing cow wedge (Queso Fresco) to spice it up a bit more. So yummy, try it!
Simple easy snack of Greek Yogurt and berries, sweetened with stevia. This was so good and so easy. I caved and bought 0% Greek yogurt but I love it with full fat Greek yogurt too.
The Collagen Berry Whip is a must try if you own the THM Cookbook. It's so good. I've tried it using blueberries too because blueberries are cheaper than raspberries. Using blueberries help the budget when you are making this for the family. When it's just me I use raspberries :)
After watching the video of Pearl & Serene making the truffles pg. 384 I had to make this recipe. I mean Serene was eating two at one time, taking a bite from one then the other! They are good but not what I expected. I was expecting a super-yummy truffle taste and texture. Like Sees Candy truffles. These are great and I will try them again. Maybe I just need to make them a few times to get that truffle taste and feel.

Or maybe I should have made them round. I was being lazy and just using my candy mold. When they are soft, like fridge soft not frozen (there are two steps- freeze then that in the fridge) you are suppose to make them round.
 I love the Thin Thick because it uses okra too. Serene is on an Okra kick in this book. In the last one it was more of coconut oil/flour kick. My own little observation. Okra is her secret ingredient in some of the recipes. Who would have thought to put it in a shake and/or brownies! Pretty sneaky.
My absolute favorite sipper is the Singing Canary. I make this almost daily for my hubby and me. Even Ethan is now drinking it.
I use a tablespoon of this Ginger Juice in my Good Girl Moonshine (GGMS). I might up it a bit to two tablespoons.
I've also used these in my GGMS. I purchased these almost a month ago and am barely drinking my second one. They are good but between my regular GGMS and the Singing Canary and make stevia sweetened tea I haven't found the need to use these too much. Sort of like when I buy my Zevias, they last me a long time. A 6-pack of Zevia can take over a month for me to finish or not just depending on my mood :)

I don't know what it is but the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook is the one I always reach for. I have many other low-carb and/or Paleo type cookbooks but this one (and even before with the older THM book) I always seem to reach for.

Maybe it's the easy to make recipes. I love that lots of their goodies can be made in the blender and/or in the food processor without having to use three different bowls.

Maybe it's because the ladies have large families and know that we mamas don't have time to do all separate bowl using, haha. I don't know but again, it's my most used cookbook.

And that's it for now. I need to jump in the shower and get my day going. The kids and Lupe are working outside fixing what the hailstorm damaged. I need to get this kitchen cleaned up!

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  1. These types of posts make me hungry! I have yet to take the time to fully read the THM book. I found it intimidating and primarily used the recipes to stick with low carbs :)


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