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Mom's Fun-Schooling Handbook

I'm sorry, this is no longer available.

Now that the school year is winding down (for me at least, 4 of my babies are gone for the summer), and homeschooling mamas everywhere are getting ready for another fabulous year! 

I have something that might help. Actually it's a gift from The Thinking Tree. Sarah is giving away a sample of her Fun-Schooling Handbook! Almost 100 pages! And there is a bonus page in the back ~how to make Green Lemonade an energizing drink for all you mamas!
Free Fun Schooling Hand Book at Homeschooling6
Sarah has allowed a handful of bloggers to share this download.
You can download your FREE sample of the Fun-Schooling Handbook for Moms HERE. Please be kind and do not sell the download. It's against copyright laws. If your friends would like a copy please have them drop by Homeschooling6 to download theirs thank you =)  

Read my review HERE it has some wise words from Sarah Janisse Brown about fun-schooling! 

And watch a quick peek inside video below.

I want to thank The Thinking Tree for allowing me to share this 95 page download. It's very generous of  The Thinking Tree family!

The Brown family serves the Lord in the Ukraine and The Thinking Tree/Dyslexia Games is what supports them on the mission field. They have given away thousands of Thinking Tree books to families this past year. 

The Thinking Tree

Blast Off to Reading

Last week I received Blast Off to Reading to use with Lance. I can't wait to get started with this. It looks like a fun way to learn the rules of reading.
We did start but only completed two days because we have a lot going on with right now with fixing the house from hail damage, getting the kids ready to fly out to California, and just busy in general. My hubby is working on four properties right now plus his job so, yeah, it's busy.

I'll have a full review later but wanted you all to be able to check it out. I know some are getting ready for the fall.

The site has lots of free downloads and online games as well.
Blast Off to Reading
Hopefully after a week or so Lance and I will do some "summer" school and I can share a little bit about that.

We are going to take the rest of the week off from school.

It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails ~Day 7

Wow, seven days. It went kind of slow but I think it's because I keep wanting my hair to grow like five inches, just kidding, no I'm not I'd love for that to happen but I know it takes time (smile).

One thing I have noticed is my skin is so, so, so soft. I can even scratch my arm or leg and no whit mark like before. Even though I eat lots of yummy fats I still had a bit of dry skin. You know like when you scratch your arm you get that whitish streak which I'm figuring is dead skin.Now I don't get that.

My feet are a bit dry still so we'll see if it improves my feet, haha! I would like to add that I don't put lotion on daily or oils like jojoba, coconut, almond, etc. I try to stay consistent but unfortunately I don't. I can go weeks without putting any oil or lotion/cream on. 

I keep rubbing my arms because they are so soft. Lupe has noticed as well.
Day 7 ~taken 6/27/16

I bet the It Works! People never had a person participate in the 90 day challenge with hair like this before (above pic). I have to lengths!
My hair looks much better when it's pulled back. I guess that's why I didn't notice how choppy hair in the back.

Missing My Babies

Annette and Caleb have been gone for 10 weeks!!! I miss them dearly. I know they are having fun though.

In April when we took a trip to Florida we not only went to Disney World but to drop my two kiddos off with their Auntie. She has three kiddos and needed some help.

In June they all flew to California so that is where they are now. I miss them so much. I'm so thankful for modern technology.

Annette has a trac phone so I can send text messages but she can't receive any pictures so that's a bummer.

Caleb purchased an ipod before he left so he has skype. Guess what?!?! I just recently set my phone up so I could Skype Caleb and I LOVE it! Why didn't I do this earlier. I love sending little video messages. They are for him to share with Annette.

Last week they went to a discipleship camp at Hume Lake. They were not allowed to have their devices but that didn't stop me from sending text messages to Annette's phone and Skype videos. I left one video a day for them (if not more).

I did a double intro in the video above because I wasn't sure if I was recording. I also sent them lots of pictures of their guineas.
They are so cute and funny. Watch the video below, toward the end you will see a close up of Eddy as he is very curious about the camera ;)

Homeschool Portfolio Printable Pack by Not Consumed (Review)

Not Consumed has been so kind to let me review the Homeschool Portfolio Printable Pack. This is a great way to get your homeschool organized.
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio (Review)
This post may contain affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.
What is included in your Homeschool Portfolio Pack

~About Me Page: this is really cute and I love, love, that it includes "My Favorite Bible Verse" a neat thing for our kiddos to add and look back on years to come.

Also included is space for your child to write seven things about them and questions to answer like favorite book, toy, place etc. A neat page to record lots of memories.
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
~Morning Checklist: this way your child doesn't forget to brush his teeth (mine still forget if I don't remand them, ugh!) and I like that Proverbs 21:5a is at the top of the Morning Checklist.

~Reading Record: this includes space for your child to write the book title, date, author, and rate it by coloring in the starts. Pretty neat. My kids love the 5 star rating part. And the verse for this page is Philippians 4:8!

~Weekly Checklist is a must and although we are not doing school right now this will be used next school year. I love that you can edit this page and add what your child needs to get done daily.

What's really neat about this page is it's separated into three parts: at the top there are Monday-Friday boxes to put appt. or places you'll be going -this is on the student's checklist so they'll know what's going on that week just like mom! 

The second section being the kid's school work. All their subjects will be in this section and the boxes to check off as they complete. This is one page for the whole week.

Lastly on the Weekly Checklist is the habits section and you can change this weekly or monthly or yearly because it's editable! Pretty cool huh?!?!?!
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
~Attendance Record: a great way to keep track of what days you went on a field trip, when you took holiday time off or Co-op time. Always fun to look back on and great at a glance "what did we do April 3rd" type thing.

It's simple too, all the months are across the top and there is a column going down with numbers 1-31 for the days of the month. It's separated by quarters.

Field Trip Evaluation Form: a neat way to document your field trips. Your child can write what they learned, what the purpose was, there's space to draw a picture and rate how they liked the field trip (or didn't like, lol). It's a great way to get feedback from your child.

~Educational Snapshot: I love this page. It's going to sound so simple but is a wonderful way to keep track of what you used over the year. You can type in your child's name and school year.

There are ten boxes (plenty) to record what you are using for each subject. For instance I can make one box for history and write what we are using and what it is covering.

There is also a verse in the corner of the page: Proverbs 24:3-6

Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
~Homeschool Calendar is a year at a glance with mini calendars July-June and another page with August-July. When you purchase your Homeschool Portfolio Pack you get free lifetime updates meaning every year you'll get a new set of the Calendar pages.

~Assessment Graph: this can be used for those subjects that you correct for us one is math. At the bottom of the page there is space for the name of the assessment. Going up the page are numbers 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, and so forth through 100. If your child scores an 85 he/she can fill in the graph grid from 5-85. Everyday your child can see how he's improving. I'm using a graph per subject. I think this page will be a lot more fun for the younger students.

OR you can keep track and record their 'grade'. I think it would be great for the kids especially younger ones to keep track.

~My Goals:  this is where you can record your personal, spiritual, health, and homeschool goals AND your child's too. I think it's soooo important for children to have goals. Throughout the year have your child look at the goal page to see if he's staying the 'course' :) 

There is another My Goals page and this one is broken down in quarters (quarters 1-4).

~Cover Page: your child can decorate this page. There is space to write the Grade & Year.

~Calendar Pages:  from August 2016 to July 2016. Every year you'll receive updated calendar pages.
Not Consumed Homeschool Portfolio
Daily pages your child will use:
  • Weekly Checklist
  • Morning Checklist (for younger kiddos)
  • Reading Record (print as many as you need)
  • Assessment Graphs (unless you prefer to keep track of this then add it to your Records binder)
For your records:
  • Attendance Record (if you want your child to keep track to add one to his binder as well)
  • Homeschool Calendar
  • Educational Snapshot (this is where you will record all the subject and books/curriculum used)
  • All About Me Profile
  • Goal Worksheet
  • Assessment Graphs (if you are having your child keep track put this in his/her binder). Have the child put one for each subject in his binder.
  • Reading Records: I thought it would be neat to have one for each subject but of course you can use it however it works best in your homeschool.
    I was kinda thinking of having for example one for history another for read alouds. The child will have one for history and record all the audio books and books that he reads on the "History" Reading Record, just a thought. I'm still pondering =)
To see how Kim the author puts her portfolio together please visit her website (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Check out Kim"s latest product: Organize My Homeschool ~five in depths modules covering everything from setting a vision, establishing schedules, to making excellent use of your homeschool space!
click the banner to find out more =)

It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails 90 Day Challenge ~Day 5

I'm going on Day 5 of the It Works! Hair, Skin, Nail challenge. 
Because I don't have time to write too much I'm mostly going to show pictures in this post.
Photos taken Saturday ~6/25/16
I thought I'd take some photos of me in my regular clothes just in case it makes a difference (ya'never know).
I try to have the same person take my picture but today only Lance was home. I forgot to tell him to take fan out the lens so you all could see the length. We took a lot of pics. I transferred them to the computer I noticed they were all close ups. Ugh, we had to take them over again because of it. Not fun.

I didn't retake any in my pink shirt but did in the white on. That's why the above photo doesn't show the very tips of my hair, sorry.
The only cropping I'm doing is omitting my messy house, hehe. When I told Lance to fan out, boy did he fan out and took pics of my lovely, messy, table.

Pulled my hair forward.

And there you have it. My first five days of taking It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails.
I'm drinking my eight 8oz cups of water, taking the same supplements as I mentioned in a previous post, and am wearing the same white shirt.

I was not asked to document my It Works! HSN journey daily, weekly, monthly on my blog~ nor was I asked to share my friend Michelle's site. I am not receiving free supplements. I pay $33+ shipping as part of the loyal customer program.

I'll probably document daily next week, than switch to weekly after that. I really wanted to give you all an idea of how my wacky and crazy hair is. Some days it's more frizzy or culy or straight than others. 

The AetherLight Chronicles of the Resistance (Review)

Brent has been having fun playing a new game The AetherLight Chronicles of the Resistance.   What I love about this one is it's an allegory of God's story, so when Brent is playing it he's learning about the Bible through game play. In fact there is now a Bible that you can purchase to go with the game! It's a companion Bible to the game, how neat is that. I'm thinking about ordering it for the kids.
The first chapter of the Scarlet Man's adventure lines up with the biblical story of Abraham and Isaac! Hint: Scarlet Man is the good guy, in fact he's recruiting good guys to show them they can make a difference.
The game is about a land called Aethasia. It use to be a beautiful land but that was before the evil emperor name Lucky. He fills the land with a fog that corrupts everything it touches. But there's hope: The Resistance. Your child will become part of the Resistance by helping with restarting the Great Engines to push back the fog.

As your child moves through the game he'll collect unusual items and use logic to solve puzzles by discovering Ancient lost engineering technology. Your child will collect gears and widgets to make their steampunk weapons (nothing violent and there's no blood or gore).

The animation is really neat. I loved just looking at all the detail (they need to make a book of the pictures so I can just stare at all the details, like when I was a kid) as my son played. Your computer screen will become a whole different world. It's beautiful and like I mentioned there so much detail. The world is known as steampunk

I also like that it's not violent. My kiddos unfortunately have been playing way too many war games so I really like this one. And what a bonus as they learn about the Word of God, all while having fun.

Although I LOVE the animation the details of the game it is a point and click type game meaning your child will have to point and click to make things open and click to pound and make the gadgets. To make the characters move you have to click the mouse which is fine with my kiddos.

Even though my kiddos don't play a whole-lot-of point and click we give it a thumbs up. Brent said it's pretty cool and enjoys playing it. The only con is he has to play with it on my computer. I haven't looked into seeing if it can be transferred to his.

A parent perk: there's a Parent's Dashboard which enables you to receive emails of your child's progress which includes questions to ask them helping them to dig deeper in Scripture.

Here is a peek inside the AetherLight Bible.
If you're looking for a fun game that tells the story in allegory form of the greatest story ever told, than you might want to look into the Aetherlight Chronicles of the Resistance. 

This game would be great for ages 10 and older. Brent is the one who helped me with this review but I think I'm going to get this for Lance too. He plays way too many games that have no real value. He wins a battle but it's really nothing. With playing the AetherLight he'll learn biblical truth and that's a good thing!

Connect with The Aetherlight Chronicles on Facebook ~ Twitter ~ YouTube

It Works! Skin, Nail, Hair 90 Day Challenge ~Day 4 (Haematococcus Pluvials (providing 50 mcg astaxanthis) Whole Algae Extract)

Today I thought I'd post pictures of how I normally wear it my hair and with some leave in conditioner.
Sorry, not the best pic!
I usually wear my hair down so my scalp will completely dry. If I put it in a ponytail when it's wet the area where the ponytail is, is still damp at night. I don't like that.

Later around 11:00 or 12:00 I put it up unless it's been hot (like lately it has) then I'll just put it up with a claw clip.
Picture taken Friday ~6/24/16
I also put some sort of leave in conditioner. Right now I am not using oils to condition my hair, just Morrocco Method stuff like the Blood of the Dragon Gel (watered down) and/or the Diamond Crystal Mist.

In my Day 2 and Day 3 post I shared some pretty interesting ingredients. The reason being is when I went searching to find out more about It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails, is I found that all the reviews would list and explain the more known vitamins like ~Vitamin C, E, B6, Biotin, Zinc, Selenium, and Manganese which most people already know the benefits. Then they would list the rest without any explanation, so I thought I'd share some of the more unknown ingredients.

To see a list of ingredients click Here. From the It Works website it's suppose to help with:

·         Boosts your natural collagen and keratin production
·         Supports the body’s defenses against free radical damage
·         Moisturizes while enhancing skin’s elasticity and flexibility
·         Promotes healthy cell growth, strength, and shine

Today I thought I'd share abut the amazing--> Haematococcus Pluvials (providing 50 mcg astaxanthis) Whole Algae Extract. HP Whole Algae extract has astaxanthis, this is part of the carotenoid family which like the other two ingredients that I shared on Day 3 & 4~are great for the heart, has powerful antioxidant effects, and boost the immune system to name a few. To find out more please visit this website and this one as well.

It Works! HSN has 50 mcg of which converts to 0.05 mg if my calculations are correct. From the site I linked it mentions that it's safe to take up to 6mg per day.

This time I attached a quick video about Astaxanthis and how it's made from Haematococcus Pluvials.

And again, I was not asked to write anything about It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails nor am I being paid to write this. I am paying the regular loyal customer price of $33+ shipping.

I took the pictures in a different location today. I also put a book on my head so y'all would know that I am not bending my head down to make my hair appear shorter and/or up to make my hair appear longer. I got this idea from another blogger. Wish I would have started using a book from the beginning.
As you can see I still have that embarrassing gap of hair!!!
Forward facing
This is how my hair looks when I try to pull it forward. I'd love for it to drape down my shoulders.
Hair pulled back in a Flexi clip :)

Ponytail using a Flexi Clip.

I hope with all the pictures you will see that I'm not 'staging' anything, making my hair appear shorter than longer. I would certainly love to give you all a glowing report that my hair grew 3-6 inches but if that doesn't happen I'm okay with it. I'm (like many of you I'm sure) am a little skeptical. If it works, great! If not, I know that I'm taking a good vitamin supplement with some great health benefits. It's win-win either way.

From here on out I'm going to take pictures with what I use in my hair which is Blood of the Dragon Styling Gel (watered down) and a conditioning mist

I have noticed that my skin is softer. When I rub my arms and legs they are much more smooth I don't know if that can happen in 4 day with using It Works! HSN but that's what I've noticed. 

No skin issues or rashes either, yay! I was kinda of scared about that. 

I'll be slowing down eventually with It Works! Hair, Skin, Nail post. With the first two though I want to give you all an idea of how long my hair is up, down, sideways, etc. Not just one before and after picture. As you can see my hair is kind of weird with it being shorter one day and longer the next. So again, from here on out I'll only be putting my MM gel and leave in mist conditioner.

It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails 90 Day Challenge (Day 3) Olive Leaf Extract

Wow, I didn't know there was such a thing as Olive Leaf Extract. I knew about olive oil. Olive Leaf Extract is another ingredient in the proprietary blend of It Works! Skin, Hair, Nails ~Olive Leaf Extract has a compound known as oleuropein which has the ability to lower blood pressure and help with supporting the cardiovascular system and immune system!
Day 3 ~Thursday 6/23/16~hair pulled back
Again, like with Fo ti root there hasn't been a lot of study with Olive Leaf Extracts and pregnancy so it's advised to ask your doctor before taking it.

Who knew it could be so beneficial? I didn't. The three areas that Olive Leaf Extracts helps the most is with antimicrobial, antioxidant, and heart benefits. You can read more about Olive Leaf Extract HERE and HERE.

Today's pictures and I must say I'm having a very, very, very, hard time getting the before picture. I'm on day three and still don't have one. I'm going to just have to pick from my batch of photos. My hair is so uneven which isn't helping at ALL! It's quite embarrassing actually. I haven't seen anyone body else whose hair (if you google It Works! Skin, Hair, Nails images) as um, ugly as mine.
 I mean look at the big gap where there is no hair. I don't know what is going on there. My poor distributor is probably thinking, "Who have I let do this challenge!", ack! I seriously didn't know I had a whole spot of missing hair.
Going forward I'm not going to sue the marking as the before mark because it's not accurate. I'll use it as a gauging place. I think that will be a good visual point.
Here is my hair pulled back. Please excuse the mess in the left corner. I really need to clean that corner out. It became the catch-all when clearing off the table. Ugh, but it's what happens when you live in a small house and there isn't a home for you lunch bag and popcorn bucket, hehe.
Here is my hair down. I normally don't wear my hair down so another thing is I need to get a good picture with how I usually wear my hair. 
 This is how I usually wear my hair most days, up! I know hair grows from the top not the bottom but this might be another way to see growth.
 The backside with my hair up.
Here I am holding the bottle of It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails the wrong way, bwahahaha.  This picture is to show how my hair doesn't drape over my shoulder how I'd like it to.

Maybe with picking a before picture it will be best to wait until the after picture is taken too. Maybe my hair will look better and fill in the gap (praying).

When I'm done with the 90 Day Challenge I think I need to have my hair trimmed so it's all even. 

In all the pictures I am looking straight ahead not up or down. I am going to take a sideways picture so you all will know I'm not cheating =)

I'm happy to report, no acne, itchiness of the skin or rash. Those are some side affects that I read can happen.  I am drinking up to eight 6oz cups of water which I'll share another day about. 

Read Day 1 and Day 2.

It Works! Skin, Hair, Nails ~90 Day Challenge Day 2 (Fo ti (he shou wu) Root)

Houston, we got a problem! My hair is way above the line from yesterday. Eeeks!
Day 2 with taking It Works: Hair, Skin, Nails
I was afraid this might happen, that's why I took a picture today. I wanted to see where my hair was at because some days it can be shorter and other days longer. Not sure why. I guess curls are unpredictable.

Fo-ti (he shou wu) root is one of the property blends in Hair, Skin, Nails. It's anti aging, can actually reverse gray hair (I don't know how much is in HSN so I'm not holding my breath on this one :), and anti aging benefits. There's not a whole lot of studies done but it looks like it's a heart healthy ingredient too.

Because there's not enough studies it is recommended not to take while prego. The anti aging herb is considered part of the buckwheat family. This herb is native to China but it's also grown in Japan and Taiwan. It gets the name 'he shou wo' which means 'black haired man Mr. He' because legend has it that Mr. He took Fo ti to survive when a famine struck his village and he was to weak to leave. He survived off of  Fo ti (and I'm sure other plants too) and his gray hair turned black again, his complexion brightened and he fathered a child. Pretty interesting legend.

Here are two side profiles.

 A picture with my hair trying to come forward. I would love to be able to pull my hair to the side like in the picture except it stay there. As you can see it's too short to stay draped over my shoulder.
Not a good hair day. Like in the first picture my hair was more pulled up today meaning it didn't reach the line that Josh made on my shirt yesterday.
So as much as I like the t-shirt idea it might not be the best way to gauge if my hair grows or maybe it will. We'll see. 

Maybe it's because today was my Zen Detox day that my hair didn't reach the line on the shirt.

Pictures taken 6/22/16
Read and see Day 1 Pictures.

Some pictures of my hair before starting the challenge.
I'm seriously having trouble finding pictures with my hair down. I just don't wear it down that often because it's so frizzy and out of control. Hopefully MM and HSN will change all that.
Here's one (above) that shows my length at its longest.
Hopefully the photos will give you an idea of how my hair doesn't grow much, even with most of them being year old photos.

And lastly here are some recent video. You don't have to watch them of course but it shows how long my hair is.

And my mad woman one.

These were taken June 15 and 16th just before starting It Works! Hair, Skin, Nails.

Again, hope these pics and videos give you all an idea of the length of my hair.