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Figuring Out 8th Grade for Ethan

I'm still trying to figure out 8th grade for Ethan. Here is what I have so far (I know, I know, I should have this down by now, bwahahaha).

History: Uncle Sam
Writing & Grammar: ACE English  
Spelling & Vocabulary: Word Hunt  and  Word Building
Science: Let the Rocks Cry Out by Queen Homeschool
Reading: (aff) Reading Time by The Thinking Tree
Extras: How to Make Money (aff, link) about 2x a week

I also have Writing Essentials that I wanted him to finish but am not sure because ACE includes writing so that is up in the air. Twice a week I'd love to add some fun creative writing using Story Starters.

I'd also love, love to include the Thinking Tree's Timeline of World History but am not sure if that would be too much considering my boys are allergic to school even if it's Fun-Schooling (sigh).

This year its been fun with having the boys use their Thinking Tree journals. I'd love for them to use (aff) Travel Dreams this year as well but knowing my boys ~I'd have to do a lot of it with them. They are so unmotivated when it comes to anything not related to LEGO, Minecraft, or video games. I have a hard time just getting them to read! It's really quite sad for this book addicted mama.

Since my boy love minecraft I thought I'd try Make Mods Make Codes. My thought is might as well have him learn as he plays.

I thought Uncle Sam would be a great ending to his Jr. High School years because the first two years of high school are usually about world history and geography.

For years I have thought about using ACE but because people are always saying it's not challenging or it's just filling in the blanks I've always shied away from it BUT this year I'm going to take the plunge and get it for some subjects with Ethan. If it will get done than I'm good with that.

With science I wanted something a bit more Charlotte Mason-ish and fun. Ethan is not one to go research on his own or dig deeper so he needs something that will guide him.

Travel Through the Bible looks like a good program for Ethan. He is in AWANA but to tell you the truth he is not memorizing like he should and not digging deeper into the Word. I know I could use it to sit with him and make it a Bible program. I really lke how Travel Through the Bible goes into how our attitudes affects others, following the example of wise men, understanding freedom and responsibility and so forth. I might use this with Lance at the same time.

With the assigned literature that goes with Uncle Sam, I want Ethan to record what he read in his (aff) Reading Time journal.

How to Make Money is not only a great way to understanding professions but will get his mind understanding them and prayfully help him figure ouit what he wants to do. I love that he'll learn about different jobs. I also like that he will have to research too!

Math Genius will be fun. I have a few other fun supplemental books that I want to get but will wait. My main focus is having him do 40 minuts of CTC Math (his main math program) and twice a week Are You a Math Genius?

That's what I'm thinking I'll use for Ethan. 

I plan to not review as many products this coming year so maybe I'll have more time to write about our school days. Now that the kiddos are getting older it's also getting harder to take pictures of them and lately I haven't had time to just sit and write what they do. It takes a good hour or two to get a blog post done about their school day. 

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  1. I hear ya on the thoughts that because we've been doing this school thing for so long that we would know what we are choosing already..ha! I think I've finally decided but still wanting to pray a little more.